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Bakazuki Bakainu

I'm tired of driving 'til I see stars in my eyes.
I'm looking forward Yamato's mother reveal too, just like Katakuri's father. Eventually.
I'm worried we might not get them tbh, we don't know Puddings father either but hey, at least we got Pound! Sigh...
At least with Yamatos mother, shes bound to come up with Kaido vs Yamato now and their flashback surely.
Chapter sounds fine and 90% of clowns will post the usual ''chapter was better than spoilers'' like every week.
90% of the times fake spoilers are 9/10, real spoilers 2/10, and the actual chapter 4/10. The chapter being better than the spoilers doesent change the shit story writing. Its sad to see week for week how fake spoilers are just so much more better than what stretched out boring shit the author produces.
when zoro couldnt keep up with kaido 1v1? did you skip ashura? he tanked/blitzed kaido if he is not got bodied by bigmom,kaido together he had some chance to ripped out kaido after ashura :pepeke:
He didn't tank it, just delaed for a sec and was saved right after.
Kaido wasn't clashing with Zoro and wasn't fighting back, he was just surprised that Zoro's attack was actually able to cut him, but still he brushed Zoro off like the rest of Supernovas. With Yamato he is actually fighting back because she is on another power level/can stand back against him. And can control her CoC pretty well as we saw in the previous chapters with Ulti and Hatcha.
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Yamato is trash. Big Nami with horns and 20cm bicep girth. She's nothing like Kaido.

Expecations when first hearing "Kaido's son" were simply too high. The transgender Nami with horns was just a huge disappointment.

Post TS Oda is trash, not even mid. He build the story up so greatly but is messing it up over and over again.
u straight up a gay teen if you think left is better lmao. this **** has thigh highs on
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