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Where did you get this from? Oda told you? Or you missed Bobbins burning down an Island on his entrance. Is Dressrosa a territory of Mama? is Zou? We've seen the Big Mom Pirates carrying campaigns. Heck, Katakuri wasn't even on Whole Cake when Luffy got there.
Katakuri was in his Island in Tottoland. While Cake isn't all of Tottoland. Most of her ministers spend their time in their own islands.

Tamago and Pekoms and Bobbins are Combatants who use the Queen Mama Chanter to do missions outside of Tottoland.

Meanwhile the Majority of the Beast Pirates operate outside of Wano

Blother Fertitta

come back to us brother:josad:
gotta move on in life bro
one piece is just not interesting anymore
i gave it a good 25 chapter wait
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Big Bang honestly deserves it more, and neither of us are actually gonna get it, but I will carry these words in my heart until I die…on the same day as everyone else here, exactly 4 years, 3 months, 6 days, 19 hours, and 47 minutes from right now :cheers:

This thread, the addled minds of certain posters, thin air, etc.
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But yeah Oars Jr shits on the Tobi Roppo. He had the same bounty as Ace, back when Oda didn’t overly inflate them. Even with modern bounties Oven/Daifuku are at 300 million. So expect Ulti/Page 1 in the 200s.
It wouldn´t be bad for Ulti or Pageone to have a bounty around 200-300mio, Doffy with 31years old, a very know pirate is the new world, probably Supernova from his time, blackmailing even the WG, the same Doffy with 31 just had a bounty only of 340mio.
As example, Snack with 30years have a bounty of 600mio, Jack even wiith 28 have a bounty of 1B who is far above 31year old Doffy bounty.

If Ulti and Pageone reach with their yearly 20h a bounty around Doflamingo(31years old) 200-300mio, it wouldn´t be really bad.
Pica(30),Diamante(35) and Trebol(39) just had only 99mio bounty on their head, that is pretty low in compare to supernova. Ulti and Pageone getting bounties around 200-350mio would be really great, in compare that a very known dangerous pirate like Doffy "just" had 340mio with is pretty low in compare to Jack who has a bounty of 1B with just 28. Or even Snack(30) who has 600mio.

Ace having a bounty of 550mio just in his early 20 is really rare, so far only Luffy get such a higher bounty with a very young age.
I legit think in compare Ace is above Doffy in the eyes of the WG, Ace with 20 had 210mio more then Doffy with his 31years old.
More I see about Yamato, so more I believe that Ace was legit above Doffy. And it make sense, Ace vs BB is so far featwise one of the greatest things in one piece manga, so far even commanders didn´t top their battle and that during a time when haki wasn´t really special.
That shit is crazy:

Since you always use Doffy bounty to put him above Jinbe.
Snack,Jack and Ace where younger and still had higher bounty then him, does this mean now, Snack/Jack>>Doffy since their bounty are twice/triple higher then Doffy one?
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