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Dont speak for me boy once i say it trash it trash and them people wont give a fuck everyweek so no point in mention do you learn? Lol
Instead of trying to educate me on how things just are and “them people won’t give a fuck” how about you try and input something constructive even though we do not have much to go on. Kinda jamming to have this train of thought that something is garbage based on a summary that is not even full. Don’t you agree? Literally judging a book by the summary on it’s back. Imagine that huh.
Katakuri was in his Island in Tottoland. While Cake isn't all of Tottoland. Most of her ministers spend their time in their own islands.

Tamago and Pekoms and Bobbins are Combatants who use the Queen Mama Chanter to do missions outside of Tottoland.

Meanwhile the Majority of the Beast Pirates operate outside of Wano
You don't know this. You're assuming. We've seen literally nothing to imply that they operate differently. Queen runs Udon, Jack runs Kuri. What's the difference between Katakuri having an Island to run as well?
This war is really the worst written and most anticlimatic in One Piece history, with no real tension or sense of danger, being nothing compared to Marineford in terms of danger and epicness, with even the battle of Fishman Island and the wedding cake chase being more climatic and exciting than this raid.
You can´t compare MF with this lackluster, anticlimatic raid, the different is big asf.
That is like comparing Avengers first movie with infiniity war, such huge is the gap.
To be honest, I didn´t really even expect that the war in wano going to be above MF, since to beat MF saga is very hard, but I though that the war in Onigashima would be at least half good. But nope, it is really not good, waiting over 10years to get such a bad battle for Nami...
I agree, but Oda chose to call WB the WSP and not WSM
You're thinking way too much into it.

You're thinking too much in it, he was suppose to be the ally of kaido in onigamishia before big mom
I'm not, lol. If DD was to be there, he would just be there additionally to fight Law or someone, not in place of fucking Big Mom. How are they even comparable? Big Mom is one of the strongest characters in the verse and characters like Doflamingo get neg-diffed by her, lol.


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Come EoW, Zoro and Luffy will be stronger than Yamato. I am not sure oda will ever let anyone surpass those two in the crew. Once you joined the SHs, get ready to take a sit back to Luffy and Zoro. It will always be that way :luuh:
Holyshit Bowsette is actually joining the crew

I have no problem in admitting when I was wrong, and I saw 0.000% probabçty of BOWSETTE JOINING EVER

She was just another hottie damsel in distress to me

Goddamn Luffy and his Harem, getting larger by the minute

For a dude who seem to have 0 interest in sex he sure knows how to soround himself with hot babes
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