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Cutty Jewboy

I Can Go Lower
Please come see my one man show when it premieres in the Ground Floor section this weekend, everyone!! It’s entitled “The Futility of Expectation,” and it will be presented as a series of pictures of me wearing a bunny costume and holding a Carrot figurine while sobbing uncontrollably and getting slapped repeatedly by someone wearing a mask of Oda’s face. Don’t miss the show critics are calling “a horrible nightmare” and “get the hell out of this library before we call the cops”!!! :moonwalk::optimistic::sweat::steef::funky:
I honestly mostly still keep up with it to see if Blackbeard will become the next PK or not
I hope Marshall gets to Laugh Tale first and becomes the final boss, killing 1 or 2 SHs for stakes in their final pirate crew war
Luffy stopped being interesting a long long time ago
Forget it Oda can't kill Luffy's friends cause he made him say that in the timeskip, he wrote himself in a corner

Shimotsuki Ghostly

A Rising Dream Or Falling Star.
Yeah I definitely can't blame anyone for forgetting her, Oda has made her so irrelevant despite what's going on with her brother and him getting beaten and almost killed now. Oda seems to have forgotten her too? The Ame No Habakiri has been completely forgotten by him too?

He teased us with that silhouette of that person healing the Scabbards too though, which could have been her or Toki going by the shape of it but it definitely doesn't seem to be Toki after seeing her die in teh anime especially.

But if it was Hiyori too, where did she go and why has she disappeared and remained completely irrelevant, uninvolved and in hiding? It just doesn't make any sense...


It's also kinda funny that I'm talking to you and at the same time I'm playing as the actual god Mars in Dota 2 right now:


Makes me wonder if Oda could have based Kaido on Ares/Mars with them being the Gods of War? Kratos too maybe? With Big Mom having Zeus and giving Kaido his DF, it feels even more fitting somehow?

Forget it Oda can't kill Luffy's friends cause he made him say that in the timeskip, he wrote himself in a corner
Jinbe is 100% gonna die at some point of the story, that is a dead give away after this encounter with LinLin
If Marshall could kill like an OG SH like Sanji or Usopp that would be great too
Marshall is too good of a villain and his crew is too bad ass for Luffy to overcome him easily
If Luffy gets to One Piece first and none of the SHs dies at all, the One Piece story will be the most disapointing manga in history to me every since Ippo lost for the third time
So nami usopp tama yamato kaido= 9 pages

Hietsu and toko=1 page

characters talking about war= 3 pages

Those are my guesses

Kaidou vs Yamato is 2 pages.

The only thing besides usoNamiTama part and Kaidou parts in this chapter is people talking about the situation of the war.

The title is 'O-Tama deyansu' ('I'm otama' or based in the context of the chapter this is something she probably said introducing herself thro Bao so 'Otama here' is good too)

Zeus asks Nami for a new name, Nami calls him Wata but Zeus didn't like it and calls himself Zeus again in the next panel.

The wata name is probably why Redon posted that pic with the monkey emojis the other day
I think we have to make peace with the fact that OP peaked in Water 7 and Marfineford was the last true epic arc we got
This is just nostalgia glasses, I can't imagine the people hating Wano tension seriously thinking an arc where a little girl saved Luffy's life that had an entire island getting destroyed with 0 deaths and a war with the whole marine force that had 2 deaths were any better.
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