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How many times is someone gonna bring this “Yamato knows everything about Laugh Tale” bullshit up before y’all realize it’s been answered a million times?? Like, damn, do you think we didn’t cover this at any point in the last 388 pages or the countless threads about this character elsewhere in the manga section?? If y’all don’t have any new arguments, the option to say nothing at all remains perpetually available.

Anyway, since we’re repeating things we say all the time…have y’all ever read a book (I know this is a stretch considering the quality of some posters) that was later adapted into a movie, and you watched it to see if what you envisioned bears any resemblance to what’s on screen? Even if Yamato knows the basic facts of how to get to Laugh Tale or the treasure it holds - and seeing as we can’t confirm that Oden got that detailed in his logbook or included navigation hints, even that much isn’t fully certain - the guy who wrote the journal explained that they were too early to do anything about what they had learned. Luffy, however, is right on time to really herald the Dawn; would love for someone to explain to me why Yamato wouldn’t wanna see that regardless of whether or not Oden did, which, again, he did not and therefore would not have described in his journal. She has the chance to help Luffy do what her idol and Roger could not, this argument that she “knows” everything already ignores the huge knowledge/ability gaps that prevented the first crew to find Laugh Tale in 800 years from doing what the Straw Hats will accomplish.
On the same damn page, y’all truly never learn…

I’ll add this much - a lot of what we saw in Oden’s flashback (and therefore a lot of what’s in his logbook) was just Roger’s crew traveling to several locations ***that Luffy has already visited***
How does Yamato reading about the Pirate King visiting Fishman Island and Skypiea mean she knows too much??? The Straw Hats’ journey was already “spoiled” in Zou when they learned about Road Poneglyphs, something they wouldn’t have discovered until reaching the end of the Grand Line, so this argument against Yamato was invalidated several arcs before her introduction.
Since there are still SO many people who need to hear it, here are some wise words from someone I trust with my life :goyea:
The only good thing about this shitty chapter is that cucksmoke Lanji got kicked to the 5th place.
Now we have a new monster trio:
1- Luffy
2- Zoro
3- Yamato

4- Jinbei
5- Sanji
6- Nami/ Franky

Oda wasn't trolling us when he said Lanji will not be cool or important again.
what a stupid guys. all of op series repesented just monster trio for you. dude you are really dumb.
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