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At this point, I really can't see anything that might trigger the act ending
Like, we already got Luffy's losing, we already got some of the Scabbards "dYiNg"
What could possibly be the bigger tragedy than those 2?
Like, the Beast Pirates executives have even begun to go down
The only way for the act ending imo is Onigashima crashing into mainland Wano
I think the tragedy end last chapter. It's already going anticlimax to make new begining of new act.

Like act 1, the act end not right after luffy getting beaten by kaido. But we got an anticlimax chapter to facilitate new beginning. Then curtain closed.

Imo the act end when everyone get their match setted probably next 2 chapter
I'm now certain we aren't getting 2-3 chapters of dedicated fight for other fights involving topi roppo. We'll be lucky if we get a half a chapter for the finisher.
Yamato is a new character, reader don't have attachment yet.. It doesn't feel good seeing yamato now on spotlight and can stall yonkou alone with black lightning as if advanced conquerors is easier to get if ure yonkou kids.. :(
It boggles me that nobody gives a shit about Meme's crew.
Like even Big Mom herself hasn't maintained the absence of her children, and what about Perospero? 100+ chapters of Wano without Meme's crew. It's fucking absurd!!!
It's Big Meme and the Meme Team what do you expect?
The entire crew is an inconsistent mess.
Zeus is celever ??? what is your problem Oda ? Oda read the manga that you wrote.

Zeus is such a idiot he cheated easily.

Zeus soul transform blablalba ..

Big Mom DF is totally useless then.

What a bullshit cheapter.

Im stalling you father until returning Luffy.

On roof, everyone tried everything beat Kaido . Nobody did nothing. If yamato stall Kaido more than one minute , fuck the logic. Yamato does not need Luffy then. She handle
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