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Yea but if Yamato goes blow for blow with Kaido 1v1 that trumps everything everybody did on the roof besides Luffy…
Yamato will manage to stall Kaido which doesn't necessarily mean having to go blow for blow etc, and even then Yamato would need to deal a wound to Kaido to be as good as Zoro's. Furthermore it still can't upstage blocking the Hakai feat for example.
Is the translation of the colored version of One Piece bad to the point that you should read the black and white version? or can you stick with the colored version?

I'm going to re-read some arcs.
Tama announcement, let the 4000 gifters and pleasure (from queen stupidness & chopper's healing) scatter to support all side.. another possibility of the war: (of course i had another one, & i have another(
Lets fun:
- Robin + gifters vs Black Maria & crews
- Brook falls accidentally in front of drake and apoo, Brook vs Apoo
- Drake & Hyo vs Queen
- Sanji vs King (Sanji fan: Zoro is useless)
- Marco & Chopper heal Zoro
- Peros sent flying in front of Neko, Peros vs Neko
- Jimbei & gifters vs WW & crews
- Franky + gifters vs Sasaki & crews
- Inu exhausted vs Jack
- Nami make a fake moon
- Minks in sulong mode for 10 minutes.
- Inu win againts Jack in this 10 minutes, both down on the ground... Sulong is end. Jack recover & struggle to stand up, Inu still cant stand up.
- Yamato near death, Momonosuke is flying in Dragon mode.
- Denjiro wait near Orochi for Hiyori... Hiyori want to slice the lying Orochi but He wakes Up. Denjiro save Hiyori while stabbed by Orochi. Most Scrabbards down to dying.
- Smoothie & others show up
- Zoro recovers, solo the entire Smoothie & siblings (Zoro fan: while Sanji cant even do for Oven alone)
- Luffy going up (whether by himself of with Momo) to save Yamato.. Luffy & Yamato vs Kaido (before Yamato recovers, Luffy vs Kaido alone)
- Marco & Chopper recovers
- Numbers show up, CP0 take action. Marco vs CP 0
- Kaido announce the reason of his Wano while there are Luffy, Yamato, Momo, Shinobu & frog bao huang)
... later

While there are who bored, there are people still excited.
People are really weird. They must not have realized that after the rooftop scene given to Zoro, there would be no ZKK. Especially, when a girl who is Yamato as a Kaido's daughter is included in the story, they should be able to say we're bullshit about ZKK.

You really thought Oda would separate Sanji and Zoro.

Everything is clear after that.

Luffy will defeat Kaido 1 vs 1.

Sanji and Zoro will defeat Queen and King until end of the Arc.

Yamatos replica so obvious : I know I cannot. That means After coming back Luffy , Yamato will go to defeat Jack. And Monster Trio basic does not change.

Be ready at least ten chapter Kaido,s past.
Oda was quick and you didn't even care, he separated Momo and Shinobu to warn the people in the Capital of Flowers. And yet the Festival was quoted in this chapter, missing 2 chapters for 1018.
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