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Jack beat 100 Minks by himself. Jack clashed against 3 Top Tiers. Any more fake smoke you wanna blow up his ass for shit that he hasn't done?

How can he even "clash" when it's a naval battle, and he'll die if he gets out. Fujitora probably just merked his ass with some gravity.
Keep crying sir

Young Doffy accompanied by his full crew ran away like a bitch after seeing just junior Tsuru alone.
Jack accompanied by fodders charged against not only Veteran VA Tsuru, but also Admiral Fujitora and Former FA Sengoku and still managed to sink half of their fleets.
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Holly shit I just checked again the spoilers and Cp0 is making those numbers without Otama's gifters. Let's say 7000+- become allies, then they would have the upperhand
the stag beetle gifter said to zoro that there's nearly 500 gifter spread all over onigashima.
tama only got as far as the second floor, and there's around 100 that got wiped out in the rooftop against the minks.

i'd say she only tamed about 100 to 200
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