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Oda should have just let Ulti defeated like Page One and not waste time anymore. BM took them out? Ok move on now, would have skipped straight to Tama announcement, and then reveal Yamato's df and hybrid form too similar to Kaido in the chapter, ending in a face off. But nah gotta waste time let's bring Ulti back again for NO reason. Filler chapter.
Bear with it bro, with this kind of pacing, wano will end in chapter 1100 or so wich is another 2 years++
Idk man. Have you see how many times Ulti has been back up? And she still very well may come back for more. Jailor beast ain’t got shit on Ulti’s ability to keep going. Her and Luffy are racing for the record.
The announcement was made. I don’t think Oda is going back on that.

And Zooans already have good recovery. Awakening is supposed to boost that greatly.
This chapter is literally the definition of filler. What was the point of Ulti getting back up? We had the same exact cliff hanger from last week. What is this crap of an arc? Every chapter keeps getting worse and worse. It's not even worth criticizing anymore because it's gotten so pathetic.
Nami power up ?
thats all
im not judging till arc done
but wano need to raise the tempo more, because we have 2 fuckin yonkous and this is all out war, some people must die
Awakening is Luffy’s last major power up and he’s barely even mentioned it. We got 2 Paramecia bosses, but nothing for Zooans.
I expected in this arc to see Kaido and Calamities (at very least King/Queen) awakened, because I thought zoan awakening isn't as rare as paramecia or logia, but when? King and Quewn fought Marco not even hybrid forms revealed let alone awakening


Critical Overthinker
The announcement was made. I don’t think Oda is going back on that.

And Zooans already have good recovery. Awakening is supposed to boost that greatly.
Lol I was mostly joking. But seriously Kaido’s crew has already shown ridiculous recovery this arc between Ulti and Jack alone. If Oda didn’t make some of them awakened he missed a colosal opportunity.
I'm not disappointed by Nami's cheap win, I knew since the start that Nami & Usopp would have needed something like this, they're not even close to the F6.
I'm disappointed cause we really have far better characters/fights we could focus on, to make some examples:
- Kidd & Law vs Linlin, useless to explain cause it's probably the most hype battle currently with 2 R5 and an Emperor
- Marco vs King, first time we see a fight between 1st Commanders with such similarities in their fighting style. An aerial battle we all want to see.
- Killer vs Hawkins, a proper 1v1 between 2 SNs with personal conflict and a symbolic theme (scythe cutting straw)
- Jimbe vs WW, nearly 20 chapters passed and we still had no panel time of this battle which since the start seems to have a good backstory
- Clarification of what Drake and Apoo are doing, their situation is hella random and seems like an attempt to keep SNs (the real muscles of this war) occupied
I could go on...

My opinion is: I know this is SHs story and Nami, Usopp etc need panel time. But this is a fucking war and I expect the true fighters (WG, Emperors, Calamities) to have more panel time than Nami/Usopp who should just have a support role in this situation.
I hope that with this chapter Oda's intention was to close the Nami/Usopp scenario for a while and move on to bigger names...
Watch it be bigger than Usopp’s.
Truth be told, she deserved an bounty increase even after WCI.

Nami was shown to be able to control her lightning before on Punk Hazard. Its nothing new, it's just now she really doesn't have to do any actual work when fighting because Zeus can attack for her.
So what? Zeus is now just her Pokemon. Although which attack to use is still decided by Nami, Zeus only strengthens them and directs them if the enemy dodged
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