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Pls don't tell me that Ulti wasn't even in her zoan form when she get defeated, that would make it even worse lol.
Ulti was probably nerfed with put her in such bad state that she actually couldn't use her df? Usually with picture the chapter get better and better but not for this chapter..
Men Oda did really put a dirty work for Pageone&Ulti and Nami&Usopp. One of the worst fight in the history of one piece.
Imagine waiting 10years for Nami and Usopp all out battle to get this.


Heavy Metal
You know I'm not one of those crybabies who put up a drama in every chapter, I tend to look into it and analyze it even if it is not what I expected. Damn, reading always what you expect would be pretty boring, wouldn't it ?
But this chapter... I don't know, I just need more panel time for the WG that's all
And we will get it. But remember the classic build up in fights in schonen and one piece? It starts with the weakest fights, going up to the strongest. Now the weakest are done (usopp and Nami). It’s classic. we will come to the fights now I guess. And I prefer full fight chapters then instead of split ups with always 2-3 panels now.
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