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Pls don't tell me that Ulti wasn't even in her zoan form when she get defeated, that would make it even worse lol.
Ulti was probably nerfed with put her in such bad state that she actually couldn't use her df? Usually with picture the chapter get better and better but not for this chapter..
Men Oda did really put a dirty work for Pageone&Ulti and Nami&Usopp. One of the worst fight in the history of one piece.
Imagine waiting 10years for Nami and Usopp all out battle to get this.
Oda better not fuck up Usopp vs Van Auger
I love how everyone freely shits on the chapter here. Huge contrast with reddit where you complain about something small and get downvoted to death
forget this chapter which is mediocre but this site is no different from reddit.....in reddit, people get mocked for talking bad against one piece...here, if you talk about chapter being good, you will be mocked and labelled as Oda apologist....only difference is you don't get banned for it....
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