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Guy you're arguing in bad faith that Water 7 and Enies Lobby don't bear very similar structures to Wano and Onigashima because they are classified differently.
onigashima is part of Wano dude!! If you want to play that game then let’s include Zou arc with Wano which is yet another 25 chapters.
But you can give em broken bones and scars all the same.
Yamato aint surpassing Zoro feats, even she knows she dosent stand a chance against Kaido and its just trying to buy time.
She could very well hurt Kaido considering the size of Haki clash

And just bcs she cabt win doesnt mean she cabt wound Kaido. Even Kaido said to Zoro that wounding him is his maximum
Moe the sweet symphony of humor you deliver to this forum and the entertainment the people here get for letting you know how awful your takes are... Truly special

I enjoy Bennedick Arnold....
Bennedick, come now. Everyone knows you being a troll as you make it too obvious from how you act especially 'Moe Fetish' your on. I am happy you enjoy your new name as that what I be calling you since it fits :kayneshrug:.


Cool Story Brother
best girl :steef:
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You do know that award is calling you worst in what you do, so guess you don't mind being called bad on what you do nowadays then if you like Raspberry awards.

Still waiting on 'ZKK' being debunked from your words.
ZKK never head solid ground to begin with.... unless they mean zoro killed kuina, and with that theory I would agree
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