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Yes people like king M....i mean Pan DA Man will make excuse after excuse
No problem, Zo-...I mean Kumae. Sorry about that. 'Moe Fetish' is making me see reflections around me.
It's just a meme, why would he care?

:halt:Not yet
You guys make fun of someone on cross, but can't admit it yourself.

It is. Yamato is even stating Luffy to beat Kaido. Stating there is no hype on that, is Head Piece insecurity.
zoro getting healed for kaido to die in flower capital by his sword enma

sanji fighting fat dino that got one shoted by meme with no homies and shit his pants in front of zoro
Queen beaten Big Mom and captured her and Macro couldn't harm much of Queen. Sanji beating him would put him YC+, Zolo getting one-shot isn't helping his case there and ZKK is debunked. Nice try though:

Zoro is above God

ZKK is still alive... you are crushing it right now
Nah, it is done like beating a horse. Your on Headcannon if you can't see even Yamato sees Luffy as the one to defeat Kaido.
Last time I was this early, you guys said Jimbei was the one for it. Head Piece and hypocrisy when you can't admit fault. Pretty sure feats are Luffy, Sanji, and Yamato. Zoro is out given he had help and Enma didn't really put scar on him even as only sword to do it looking at Kaido's body.
oh yeah, i forgot jinbe....

he is getting pushed to the 5th spot then.
"Those Morons"

The same Morons who have been saying from day 1 that Zoro would fight Kaido, but everyone said he would never even see Kaido, never would interact with Kaido, or maybe he would fight alongside Luffy but never touch Kaido. Sure. I've been following how these "morons" have been right about a lot of shit for the past two years, while i've been seeing Sanji fans predictions failing hard one after the other.
I been from toxic side that Sanji was going to face Kanjuro, Blacktooth, etc., so saying toxic side haven't gotten wrong especially 'ZKK' being debunked, is stupid and your actually morons if you can't admit your own being at fault especially recent chapters.
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