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Cope Doctor
when Kaido cut orochi he was worlds strongest swordsman for that moment, and when Kaido stabbed Kinemon hes was WSS too... mihawk felt disturbance in the force in those moments
Sometimes it’s meaningless to discuss something with someone like you, that’s the point. You call people toxic but you’re toxicity in person. Stop this shit and be a little bit honest and mature
Don't like what I said? Tough. Go another topic instead of quoting me. Once you can admit 'ZKK' is debunked, we can have honest discussion, not Head Piece.
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I've experienced a lot of good things in life, like a family, girlfriend, sex, etc. But one thing I can say with utmost certainty is that this latest One Piece Chapter has brought me so much disappointment it's not even measurable. I am truly sad for any One Piece stan that takes time out their day (after arguing about haki for 10 hours) to read this. It's not even just a shame no word can describe the amount of garbage this chapter is and I will be demanding payment for what my eyes have just witness in this sinful chapter. If God were to kill me now and take me to even the depths of hell that would be generous considering what this chapter would do to people. No matter what takes place from now on there's no reasonable way I can understand how anyone would enjoy this pack of autism that this chapter has cursed it's viewers. Mid Piece isn't the word for it only now do I understand that what lies lower than Fairy Tail and SAO has been One Piece all along. I'm dropping this series I've had enough of One Piss in my life time it's time for me to move on to healthier things and I suggest you do the same. For those of you who will be sticking with One Piss I commend you for sitting in your basement all day jerking off to Kiku pictures you truly sad individuals. As for you Oda one can only say so much for a man worst then Hitler himself just know that your time will come when you will finally be brought to justice for killing so many young souls with that despicable pencil you have written with. I will now forever be mentality damaged due to this monstrosity that you have laid upon my eyes and I will soon be going to a insane asylum now that my sanity has left me. As for everybody else I deeply apologize if I have offended anyone during my retaliation to the cancer I have just received by laying eyes on the series named One Piece.
i really hope you didn't type this
As a Yamatard I can say that Luffy will be the strongest, slightly behind him will be his strongest crewmate and Vice Captain Zoro, the second strongest crewmate will be Yamato and third strongest crewmate will be Sanji and slightly behind him will be Jinbe
Spitting facts, especially after this chapter.
And Luffy, Zoro, and Yamato will be the only three CoC users in the crew.
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