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last panel looks like clash of CoC and not a regular CoA clash it wouldn't surprise me tho if Yamato has CoC as well since most children of the top tiers has one Roger/Ace and BM/Katakuri.:shocking:

and if Yamato does end up joining then SH you just have to remember Roger Pirates has 4 CoC users.:kayneshrug:
6 actually. Including Roger, there is Rayleigh, Gaban, Oden, Bullet, and Shanks. So if we see Strawhats having that amount or more, we got expect more in the crew to have it.
Dude are you dumb I'm really asking you? Why katakuri has COC ? Serving his mom.dddd
This confirms what I'm saying you dumb fuck.
Katakuri being the only one having CoC in her crew despite having Oven, Smoothie, Cracker and Daifuku.

You kids think CoC is a joke....6 straw hats having it? fuck out of here hhhhh. Only Zoro and Luffy will have it, Yamato will be 3rd when she joins...that's it....no more than that.

Thank God people like you are not writing the story or we will even see Buggy having CoC.
Homies can shape shift and fuse with all sorts of things. As long as it has some type of relation, they can fuse with it or partially shapeshift.

Just like the Candy Homie fusing with the water back in WCI.
Oh really? So it make a reallt big hole in BM df power, what if nami come back to WCI n take a lot of hommies with her? It will really cheating
Don't worry Woro will be able to do the same thing by the end of the arc
ZKK is debunked, bruh.
Not really lmao.

Yamato v hybird Kaido in a CoC clash introduction.

Sanji got negged by King.

There will be no comparisons right now, and post Wano.

There will probably not even be comparisons at EoS.
Sanji tanked King and bended his beak. Yamato will be hype tool, but he/she does better on fighting by her own than someone with 5 vs 1 like Zoro who needed help on his side.
Damn Ulti you couldn’t at least have knocked out the 9 year old plot device before fucking off? Useless ass bitch, you had one job smh. Take Tama out of the story.

This Tama stuff better be done after she gives her stupid little announcement.
Don´t judge Ulti for that, her captain couldn´t even beat the plot device of Tama, if Kaido would do his job right, we wouldn´t have a Tama problem right now.
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