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Leona! You only need to follow me!
Oh really? So it make a reallt big hole in BM df power, what if nami come back to WCI n take a lot of hommies with her? It will really cheating
Zeus was weakened thats why Oda did all of this to give him to Nami. And Nami can't come back to WCI and take more homies. All the homies, Zeus included fear Big Mom more than anyone. Zeus only got away or is even involved in this because Oda wants him to be a powerup for her.

Nami can't control Zeus exactly. Zeus fusing is just him doing what homies can do.
This confirms what I'm saying you dumb fuck.
Katakuri being the only one having CoC in her crew despite having Oven, Smoothie, Cracker and Daifuku.

You kids think CoC is a joke....6 straw hats having it? fuck out of here hhhhh. Only Zoro and Luffy will have it, Yamato will be 3rd when she joins...that's it....no more than that.

Thank God people like you are not writing the story or we will even see Buggy having CoC.
We know that you are reading with your ass.

Idiot, even if Raid sut is more unique than CoC.

Go and read Rayleigh explains about haki but this time with you eyes not as.

We think CoC is not joke but not very unique.

You cannot even understand what you said.

Zoro want wss Luffy want PK I'm asking why katakuri has CoC. You said only child that have CoC.

Idiot. I'm asking why. But just you can count numbers I guess .
it make sense that yamato has better mastery of ACoC, her strength cannot be questioned

CoC is truely 50% of someone's power, luffy gone from trash (compared to kaido) to fire once he started using a flawed rough version of ACoC

zoro was missing on 50% of his true potential, and he was already top tier, i can't imagine how powerful he's gonna get when he masters his gift completely

so far yamato stands higher than luffy and zoro powerscaling wise, but when luffy and zoro master ACoC all three will stand on equal footings.
Believe me when I say that I'm legit happy for you if you think so.
Because I couldn't disagree more.
For me, this arc sucks ass big time.
I WISH I could enjoy it like you do.:few:
it's more of that you don't need to look so much into things as you think you need. wano has introduced some of my favorite characters and has had some of my favorite moments in one piece so far. it's def my fav post ts arc by far.

but I feel like I'm in the minority here. seeing as WG is the hardcore side of the fandom it seems. which every fandom needs tbh, cuz otherwise every fandom would just blinded by their own ignorance and seeing everything as a perfect world. most people on WG don't speak too well of wano, or I haven't been paying that much attention. But I love it and that's it lol
I am fan to many characters. Your acting like dumbass toxictard if your presuming me same as someone when just stating the facts. You guys are true disappoints who can't even admit 'ZKK' is debunked nor admit anything you going on your side.

What? I said 6 members have COC, not every member in the crew.

He beat Oden. You will need COC for that if he beats someone like that. Same with Garp as he has it too, but no official statements yet, but he fought with and against Roger many times.

COC can still appear even when your young. Look at Luffy and Ace. Doffy even got COC when he was a child.

Nah, more than that. Gaban, Bullet, and Shanks have it too. Saying they don't is stupid statement.

He has more chances on that than cross meme Zoro who is on gag for more chapters to be honest.

Depeneds. I can see Sanji, Jimbei, and Usopp having it on their side and if we have apprentice, maybe Momo if he does plan to joined the crew.

Again don't be idiot and admit fault, bruh.
- Again, Roger had 20+ crew members and we only saw Rayleigh and Oden using it. Roger/ Luffy, Rayleigh = Zoro and / Oden= Yamato. Don't talk to me about movies dummy...this is the manga.

- Stop uttering crap and show me Gaban using CoC.

- You said, "I said 6 members have COC, not every member in the crew." What the fuck does that supposed to mean dummass???? loool 6 out of 10? hahahaha my God this guy. I'm glad someone like you is not writing the story.

- Sanji will never have CoC because he doesn't have the quality of a king and he isn't after a title that will put him above everyone. UNDERSTOOD DUMBASS??? He just wants to find All Blue and that's pretty much it.

- We knew since the time skip that Zoro had CoC. So it makes sense he has it now. What did Sanji showcase except for simping? Nothing. Zoro has the second most important title in the series and he's going to fight Mihawk. Why don't you understand? He needs to have CoC and Adv CoC.

The only straw hats who will have it are Zoro and Luffy. And Yamato when she joins.
Simpji will not have it.
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