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We know that you are reading with your ass.

Idiot, even if Raid sut is more unique than CoC.

Go and read Rayleigh explains about haki but this time with you eyes not as.

We think CoC is not joke but not very unique.

You cannot even understand what you said.

Zoro want wss Luffy want PK I'm asking why katakuri has CoC. You said only child that have CoC.

Idiot. I'm asking why. But just you can count numbers I guess .
Raid suit is more unique than CoC?? and you're telling me I'm reading with my ass?

CoC is not very unique?

LOOOOL Saludos amigos :suresure::suresure:
Man, I was excited to see Nami/Usopp vs Ulti/P1, well at least to able to see how they would outsmart the dino siblings.... But Oda ruined it by putting Big Mom and Tama there... And Ulti is defeated not even in her hybrid form. WHY ODA??? And all those wasted panels with CP0 conversations and other F6 reactions to Ulti and P1 defeats...

Man I thought this would be an amazing week for me, but this shit chapter + me losing 50/50 to Keqing really ruined it all. Thankfully Loki makes my week a bit better. Glad there's a break next week, both Oda and readers really need to take a break.
it's more of that you don't need to look so much into things as you think you need. wano has introduced some of my favorite characters and has had some of my favorite moments in one piece so far. it's def my fav post ts arc by far.

but I feel like I'm in the minority here. seeing as WG is the hardcore side of the fandom it seems. which every fandom needs tbh, cuz otherwise every fandom would just blinded by their own ignorance and seeing everything as a perfect world. most people on WG don't speak too well of wano, or I haven't been paying that much attention. But I love it and that's it lol
It's the missed opportunities. Wano could be great but it's only good.

There was a chance here to develop Nami and Usopp but it's botched completely.
People are really weird. They must not have realized that after the rooftop scene given to Zoro, there would be no ZKK. Especially, when a girl who is Yamato as a Kaido's daughter is included in the story, they should be able to say we're bullshit about ZKK.

You really thought Oda would separate Sanji and Zoro.

Everything is clear after that.

Luffy will defeat Kaido 1 vs 1.

Sanji and Zoro will defeat Queen and King until end of the Arc.

Yamatos replica so obvious : I know I cannot. That means After coming back Luffy , Yamato will go to defeat Jack. And Monster Trio basic does not change.

Be ready at least ten chapter Kaido,s past.
Preach Brother:cheers:
- Again, Roger had 20+ crew members and we only saw Rayleigh and Oden using it. Roger/ Luffy, Rayleigh = Zoro and / Oden= Yamato. Don't talk to me about movies dummy...this is the manga.

- Stop uttering crap and show me Gaban using CoC.

- You said, "I said 6 members have COC, not every member in the crew." What the fuck does that supposed to mean dummass???? loool 6 out of 10? hahahaha my God this guy. I'm glad someone like you is not writing the story.

- Sanji will never have CoC because he doesn't have the quality of a king and he isn't after a title that will put him above everyone. UNDERSTOOD DUMBASS??? He just wants to find All Blue and that's pretty much it.

- We knew since the time skip that Zoro had CoC. So it makes sense he has it now. What did Sanji showcase except for simping? Nothing. Zoro has the second most important title in the series and he's going to fight Mihawk. Why don't you understand? He needs to have CoC and Adv CoC.

The only straw hats who will have it are Zoro and Luffy. And Yamato when she joins.
Simpji will not have it.
Weakro is in gag for several chapters and he has COC, so stop with BS on Sanji not having it because he doesn't fight women. That is being idiot there.

I know and 6 of them have COC and not just those your mentioning and ignoring. Your being idiot if your refusing reality like that.

Gaban face Oden and beat him. It's stupid to not think he doesn't have it when he is Roger's top guys.

You kinda hurt your own argument with statement like that. Your not even trying to listen and in Head Piece again. I am happy idiot like you not making Head Piece on this as you have no logic.

He will have it as he has the traits like shown recently on getting will back into army when they were scared and taking charge. It is stupid to not think he won't have it.

Zoro has not show COC prior or early in the timeskip. COC has been inside of him without him knowing like Sanji the same. Also what does Zoro's dream have to do with Sanji getting stronger? That is dumb son forcing that when he isn't swordsman and be top tier like him given they are on same ship and compete with one another as well enemies on their level. Sanji probably have COC without knowing while having Adv. COA given his kick damage Queen and made him bleed.

Nah, there be 6 or more in the crew of the Strawhats to have COC. Your on headcannon on insecurity cause you can't admit it.
I really wish we got a longer fight, also if Zeus Tact is great power up it was maybe not necessary to nerf Ulti like this? I counted, the current "fight" was literally 3/4 pages long (2 pages and one double spread).
Still got it better than Page One though, he got wasted and I don't even know the reason why since usopp didnt even hurt him.
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