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I really wish we got a longer fight, also if Zeus Tact is great power up it was maybe not necessary to nerf Ulti like this? I counted, the current "fight" was literally 3/4 pages long (2 pages and one double spread).
Still got it better than Page One though, he got wasted and I don't even know the reason why since usopp didnt even hurt him.
I mean in character, Sanji won't strike her unless he does take her comment as a 'guy' seriously and can. Though he would be stronger than him/her overall.
Hmm in term of power i dont think Sanji got upperhand, she easily defeat P1 n Ulti after all. N if im not wrong back then she still handcuffed, after she released i think her power more bigger.
Zeus was weakened thats why Oda did all of this to give him to Nami. And Nami can't come back to WCI and take more homies. All the homies, Zeus included fear Big Mom more than anyone. Zeus only got away or is even involved in this because Oda wants him to be a powerup for her.

Nami can't control Zeus exactly. Zeus fusing is just him doing what homies can do.
Yeah its maybe because zeus really cornered so he hope he can move to other item n be saved.
Some hommies scared to nami afterall, even its because the paper from BM itself.
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