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Hmm in term of power i dont think Sanji got upperhand, she easily defeat P1 n Ulti after all. N if im not wrong back then she still handcuffed, after she released i think her power more bigger.
Not really, he/she was clashing against them, she didn't beat them. Stalling Kaido isn't much to say given Scabbards did the same thing, but doesn't mean they are on another level too.

We have to see on who she beats as her main fight as we know she is hype tool for Luffy to return. She might face Jack or someone else.
fights between powerful opponents of equal strength:

-ace vs jinbe: 5 days: draw
-akainu vs aokiji: 10 days: akainu won
-roger vs whitebeard: 3 days: draw
-kaido vs big mom: 1 night: draw

yes the raid is failing, imagine kaido losing to weaker scrubs in only 1 night, that's blasphemy :beckmoji:
Weakro is in gag for several chapters and he has COC, so stop with BS on Sanji not having it because he doesn't fight women. That is being idiot there.

I know and 6 of them have COC and not just those your mentioning and ignoring. Your being idiot if your refusing reality like that.

Gaban face Oden and beat him. It's stupid to not think he doesn't have it when he is Roger's top guys.

You kinda hurt your own argument with statement like that. Your not even trying to listen and in Head Piece again. I am happy idiot like you not making Head Piece on this as you have no logic.

He will have it as he has the traits like shown recently on getting will back into army when they were scared and taking charge. It is stupid to not think he won't have it.

Zoro has not show COC prior or early in the timeskip. COC has been inside of him without him knowing like Sanji the same. Also what does Zoro's dream have to do with Sanji getting stronger? That is dumb son forcing that when he isn't swordsman and be top tier like him given they are on same ship and compete with one another as well enemies on their level. Sanji probably have COC without knowing while having Adv. COA given his kick damage Queen and made him bleed.

Nah, there be 6 or more in the crew of the Strawhats to have COC. Your on headcannon on insecurity cause you can't admit it.
- I don't want crappy speculation, show me where Gaban used CoC?

You clearly don't understand what CoC is:

Oda will never give Sanji CoC because:

- Sanji doesn't have the qualities of a King.
- Sanji doesn't want to be the WSS or the PK or an Admiral.
- He's just a cook who wants to find All blue. He even gave up on his dream when he saw the Mermaids on Fishman Island.
- He cried like a bitch and asked for help " Robin help me" Oda can never give CoC to that bitch.
- This shows that he has a weak personality and can never possess it.
- Oda never portrayed Sanji as a possible CoC user. We just suspected that he maybe be a prince.

Oda gave Zoro CoC because:
- Even before the timeskip we suspected Zoro of having CoC. Oda was building it and preparing us for this big reveal.
- He used it against Kaku, Shabody, Monet, and Wano.
- Zoro has the qualities of a king because he wants to be the WSS.
- He also wants to fight Mihawk.
- Mihawk is Yonko level and Shank's rival. They used to fight all the time. Only a dumbass would think that they didn't use Adv CoC in their fight.
- Zoro has a strong personality: we already saw that against Kuma, Kaido, Mihawk..etc
- Zoro never gave up on his dream.

Keep wishing for Sanji having CoC as you wished for King vs Sanji. You Sanji tards are always wrong. :cheers:
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