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How can Luffy beat Kata without Brûlée ? Without merienda ? With Haki time limit ? And without TNJ ?
answer : he can’t
He still surpassed him end of Wano without any of them.

They were matching blows 24/7 after his sudden growth and bloom in haki.

He was matching a yc1 at the end of the arc. And beat surpassed him after.

Kata acknowledged him.

I will take that instead your headcannon of him being below yc1.
Ok this chapter just got upgraded from ok to pretty good; Zoro is in the chapter lol

Ussop is always clutch in moments like this, and theyre number of reasons why hes not done yet:yasu:

I use to not like Zeus with Nami, but i think im gonna enjoy the addition. Nami is a lightning princess, she might be related to BM :usoprice:

If Yamato joins, Luffy/Zoro>Jinbei>Yamato>Sanji top tiers captains, and their commanders. :catsweat:
Is this the best nonsense you can come up with? :kayneshrug:

You look agitated. Relax man, and watch the manga develop. Once ZKK presumably occurs, try to find a hole, eventually.
Go back to old threads and see how many ZKKers would have accepted ZEK, then talk about "developing" as you change your theories.
When ZEK doesn't happen you'll find something else to cling to. :moonwalk:
Goalpost shifitng what ZKK means is lame, every non ZKKer was saying the only way Zoro would kill Zoro would be through execution, ZKKers didn't find this acceptable before 1010. You are now a ZEKer (Zoro executes Kaido).

But Zoro isn't killing or executing anyone, because Luffy would kill if he wanted to kill, because Kaido doesn't deserve a glorious death, because Yamato is still his daughter, because Zoro is a hero to Japanese children.

This is an arc 400 chapters in the making for Luffy to show to the world he is the top pirate king contender - having Big News morgan headline "Kaido defeated by Luffy", only to have page 6 news be "Zoro kills Kaido" is FUCKING RETARDED and Zoro isn't outshining Luffy on the world stage for this victory.
Zoro will get shine from wano people. and news paper will add laugh on mihawk face that boy come close to his level. WSS > PK
Shanks < Mihawk
CoC is not everything in a fight, I thought this was crystal clear.

Luffy himself was a CoC user on Marineford yet still standing as a fodder. However we don't have proof that there's a non CoC user around who can beat Current Luffy, although such scenario looks seemingly probable.
You don't beat Oden without COC and his defeats are those with COC each time.

I wouldn't put pre-timeskip Luffy to Prime Oden as that doesn't make sense especially Oden is skilled in his Prime.
It's not clear to me if the Haki clash between Yamato and Kaido is that of CoC or Coa, though I'm leaning towards CoC just for the sheer scale of it however it could just be the biggest CoA clash in the series so far if my memory doesn't fail me.
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