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It's not clear to me if the Haki clash between Yamato and Kaido is that of CoC or Coa, though I'm leaning towards CoC just for the sheer scale of it however it could just be the biggest CoA clash in the series so far if my memory doesn't fail me.
Its obvious its COC, Luffy and Dolfamingo COC clash was smaller in scale if I remember correcntly


Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything

Chapter 1009 Luffy got negged in 3 blows by Hybird Kaido. (What level is Luffy at that moment? Still below kata? Same kata who couldn't knock him out in 54 blows?)


While Base Yamato is clashing with Hybird Kaido in CoC for introduction to thier fight.

Tell me what is Sanji gonna do to Dragon Kaido? Base Kaido? And against Hybird Kaido?

Answer- Die three times. One shotted in both base and Hybird.

Yamato pushing Hybird Kaido past low diff > anything Sanji will ever achieve.
alwayas Roronoa>>>>>>>>vismoke:kata::kata::kata:
LMAO, this chapter is truely a testement to oda's shitty writing

last chapter i overlook it as i didn't wan't to downplay sanji feat, but this is just ridiculous

this stupid fodder was crying about the fact that there is nowhere to run from perospero's candy shower

btw here's how big the live floor is

i was like, stop capping mf there's actually plenty of room, more than you'll ever need you fucking fodder.

so i tried to convince myself that there was only few hundred people that needed saving, stuck in some closed off area

queen spins his neck covering all that space saving few hundred people, i can see that making sense

but wait, there's more
looking back at queen's size there's no way that was possible

and then this shitty chapter adds the final insult, confirming that there's actually more than 4000 fodder in the live floor, and helicopter queen saved them all.

:pepeanger: wtf oda 4000? really?


Oda's accuser
And they dare call it dellusional
But stop attacking the poor Sanji fans bro, they are fragile as fuck. I reckon some of them are crying now because Zoro fans bad :josad:
Oh I don't attack anyone. Pretty sure I'm one the most civil of the active Zoro fans out here.

I sometimes bash their character Sanji but don't really hate him deeply inside. It's more about mocking the less powerful one, and that is it, majorly.

Trusting Luffy and ZKK are not mutually excluded. Like I said, you see everything except what matters. You used to fight back better...
Nah they trusting him to beat him. Stating otherwise doesn't make sense as it shows how little Zoro respect Luffy and that is bad on his character if he try to get involve if Luffy states he wants it 1 on 1.
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PO is defeated, bruh. No more Head Piece, but you still have Zoro vs Beetle Gifter for rematch.
Overall Ulti perform great feats so far, endurance wise that was top from her.
Imagine if Ulti standing up after so many op attacks, just imagine how hard it going be to defeat the top flyers and overall the calamity.
I hope from now it getting better.
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