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Not really, he/she was clashing against them, she didn't beat them. Stalling Kaido isn't much to say given Scabbards did the same thing, but doesn't mean they are on another level too.

We have to see on who she beats as her main fight as we know she is hype tool for Luffy to return. She might face Jack or someone else.
Yeah scabbard not knocking down kaido after all, they are just the spicy to make the story better.

If power just based on matchup i dont think its right too. But who knows i will be neutral.

• Conquerors and the strongest as Kaido said :
At least stronger than Prime Oden

Luffy - Sanji - Yamato

Not a Conquerors but excellent fighters :
At least as strong as Jack and at most as strong as King

Franky - Jinbei - Zoro

Strong Fighters :
Average F6 level ( Ulti )

Choppa - Brook - Robin

Average Fighters :
weakest F6 Level ( Page one )

Nami - Usopp
Fixed it for you :kayneshrug:.
Jinbe isn't Yamato, my guy. I know One Piece inside out and backwards; you don't have to lecture me about how things work in it. I was one of the first people who're advocating the idea that Yamato's joining in the crew doesn't change the dynamic that's been in place since the inception.

I've laid out a few conditions which Yamato must satisfy to be above current Zoro and Sanji with their current display. I didn't even say she's going to kick them out of M3. I only said, "They'll need more power ups to prove themselves to be stronger than her," implying that I believe they'll surpass her by the time she joins, if she joins that is, even if they're currently weaker.
Jimbei kinda is as many said he was in after holding off Big Mom, but he is now facing T6H in struggle fight. Holding off an Yonko=/= back to back with Yonko or beating one isn't the same thing, so same can be said as when Yamato is done fighting, who he/she face later will depends where she is, but Oda has shown he love the dynamic of the M3, so we shouldn't use that same situation like before.
Fuck, ULTI, I've come to like her even more in this chapter she's a monster and has healed from the hole made in her body, LOL, KAIDO's awakening will be insane, imagine the blows KAIDO can heal, motherfucking ZEUS now it's effective, on the roof, he was shit.
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