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Still stronger? I wasnt aware that he was above Jinbe at any point in time...
His post-TS portrayal of coming short against anyone he faces isnt a portrayal of the overwhelming strength a Warlord possesses...
If Yamato joins the crew and Oda wants to keep Sanji above the newcomers, it's gonna be Zoro>Luffy>Sanji>Jinbe~Yamato...
Well, it was a clear deal for me when he got his RS.
Jinbe has comparable feats to base and DJ Sanji, Jinbe is strong but if he ends up with Jack while Sanji beats Queen, it's clear for me who's the superior one.
That's surprising. Why do you put Yamato so low?
yeah because if Oda wanted to prove WsW superior he would have created a situation where we could have compared them, he would haves add him fight one or go full in the Yamato capture plot. Oda didn’t do that. So except if WsW got his hands on one Calamity later or is proven to have a bigger bounty than Jack or have better feats he will be inferior to Jack.

If Oda wanted to make the lines blurry he would have demoted Jack or create some real conflicts.

Rank is not everything I agree but it counts, it is one of the evidences that show for now that Jack is superior to WsW.

We have no confirmations on so many things yet it doesn’t stop us to discuss and have strong opinions or make guess.

For now and with the informations we have Jack is better than WsW.
Oda has already blurred the lines though when he showed that they require an opportunity in order to go up in rank

Yes Jack has better feats and Portrayal but those do not come from his rank. It comes from what he has been able to achieve
Lol, show me the proof when Jinbe fought Who's Who and his crew the entire time and show me the evidence how Jinbe would quickly get rid of Who's Who, unless you pull things outta your ass again, I will wait.
Did Who's Who run away from Jinbe? And you talk about dumb arguments, this shit is retarded.

So how strong is Jinbe actually? And how strong would he be if he extreme diffs Who's Who? I know you cannot answer that - that's why you shamelessly tried to suddenly put Who's Who on calamity level as well. You talk about double standards, yet spout this BS, pathetic.
Okay genius, then try to refute it.

How exactly it is an inconclusive battle when the evidence points the contrast?

1.) Shit tier argument. Would WB be knocked out if Big Mom punched him with an AdCOC punch on the head?
2.) So no answer, as expected.
3.) Which "infinitely better portrayal" does Jinbe have over Who's Who?
4.) With Chopper doing absolutely nothing against a Queen playing around with the latter. You are not even trying...

Yamato was casual while Jinbe is not. So how exactly are you going to twist the narrative here? Only because A is casual, doesn't mean B is too.

What double standards? I know you have a hateboner for Sanji, that's why you are trying to argue for Jinbe in the first place. Imagine being so invested to hate a fictional character.
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Which agenda? Go on Leo, explain this to me or it is something new which you pulled outta your ass again? Does it contain a blackhole full of bullshit?
There's no point in arguing with someone who results to ad hominem.

Seems your bias is affecting your mental capacity to form a valid argument
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So why is WsW not a calamity yet if he is strong or stronger then Jack?
The gap between Queen and Jack aren´t large, based on WsW, Queen was to much for him to handle so he ask Drake for help.
Because they weren't given the opportunity by Kaido.

He used that to lure Drake


Tobidara believer
And? Still matched and surpassed him at the end, cus that's just what the mc does.


Yes, quite comfortably infact.


King won't be negged but he will be low diffed. All I know is he ain't clashing in CoC with hybird Kaido in a 1 v 1 like how Yamato is doing.

Queen nearly committed suicide against the weaker yonko when she regained her personality.

Also, you're still dodging the question.

What exactly is Sanji doing to any form of Kaido? Even his fodder Zoan form?

Answer- Nothing.
Killer is far below of the others on Rooftop.

Cutting Kaido=scabbard level feat; Grandmaster leaved a scar, is another level
Was mid diff by a Zoro who was busy with other opponent
And now is fighting Hawkins(who was beaten by law)

He high diff sanji.
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