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If Yamato dies it'll make Wano a confirmed 10/10 given how emotional and tragic it would be, it would hit as hard if not more than Ace's death (Yamato's really popular among fans) but I don't think Oda has the balls to do it.
If it's not part of his design then it has nothing to do with balls.

But why is everyone predicting 1018?
I mean Chopper vs Queen was 3 pages or 4.
You are assuming Chopper is done for the arc or Queen was his warranted fight. We have zero idea what happens once he heals Zoro. He may be pitted against someone else.

It's already been set up that there will be side effects to Chopper's extended transformation. Unlike Nami, Usopp and Chopper have not received their upgrades for the arc yet. This is standard procedure.
Yeah, hopefully the rest are exceptions to this too. I have partial faith since he's definitely kept us out of the loop with Black Maria, Sasaki and WsW. It seems like he may be doing the old/classic method with them since we've barely gotten exposure to their battles.

Like I can't see Sanji vs Queen being short. If Zoro vs King happens, same deal.
I am kinda hoping he lets those three have a more varied Moveset compared to Ulti and Page One. Especially when they are swordmen with Maria even Having Webs and WsW and Sasaki Possibly having Meito

At least Page One and Ulti being One Dimensional is kinda Understandable since they are Young and Oven/Daifuku were One dimensional too(relied on their DF for everything)
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