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Scarring Hybrid Kaido and blocking Hakai > beating King and Queen at the same time lmfao cope candy
"Zolo scarred Hybrid Kaido"

And Queen knocked BM unconscious, knocking someone out >>>>> scarring someone. K.O'ing someone using only your body requires literal hundreds of times more force than scarring someone with a sharp weapon.

So yeah get ready to see Sanji mid-diff the guy who K.O.'d a yonko :christnally:

Giving a scar is not much compared to what he received.
Really isn't, people love to inflate this feat ignoring how little the scar actually was and how little impact it actually had on things. Queen K.O.'ing BM was much more significant feat and story wise.
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can sanji do them ? yes or no ?
Zolo is YC1 lvl. If Sanji beats Queen that means Sanji is above YC2 level, if he mid-diffs Sanji is YC1 lvl.

Really, the only thing putting Zolo far above Sanji is Zolo scarring a Yonko, which Queen (Sanji's opponent) has already surpassed when he K.O.'d Meme.
Zoro's outperforming the other rooftop supernovas, faced, beat, and scarred Kaido which puts him above anything Sanji has done. Zoro and Sanji beating King and Queen does not mean Zoro and Sanji are on the same level. King is stronger than Queen and Zoro is in poor condition.

Stop ignoring Zoro's feats and portrayal because you want Sanji to be on his level.
King and Queen are on the same level, portrayed since their first appearances.
What if Zoro is whole? Will you admit that Zoro and Sanji are on the same level? Or the Zorotard sect prevents you from recognizing reality?
King and Queen are on the same level, portrayed since their first appearances.
What if Zoro is whole? Will you admit that Zoro and Sanji are on the same level? Or the Zorotard sect prevents you from recognizing reality?
They are not the same levels and have never been portrayed to be the same. Queen freaks out over his encounters with Big Mom while King doesn't.

If, that's a big if because it would go against the story, Zoro is fully heal then we would need to look at the difficulty of their battle. You would still need to factor in their performance and feats throughout the entire war.

IE: Zoro has his rooftop feat and he could grow more during the war. Plus Oda has hinted he will kill Kaido.
She didn't mention the abuse as the reason, but her fear for own life that she was unable to take them off.
Zoro seems like the type to risk it even if he had same experience of parental abuse and incarcerations
But internalizing issues is a common thing in these kinds of abuse.
But my point is:
There are multiple ways you can work with the "willpower" theme in fiction.
There's the case for Zoro, who always will be at the high end of willpower, "never give up", etc. If he dies, he dies on his own terms. Like the wax part in little garden, asking for Kuma to take his life instead of Luffy's, etc.
There's also the "bouncing back" theme. Was recently shown in Sanji's ordeal during WCI. Take a seemingly non-vulnerable character, shatter his world completely, throw him in the deepest sense of "I can't do anything" possible, than bring him back up, usually with the assistance of someone else (Luffy).
And finally, the "unbind the shackles that have always binded you" theme, which is the most commonly used in One PIece. The difference for the second example, is that the character starts its "downfall" already in a state of vulnerability (usually by being a child thrown in a difficult situation). Nami being forced to work for Arlong, Robin being used by criminal organizations and being hunted, and now Yamato being imprisoned by her own father.
I think all of these are valid ways to work this theme and each has its own merits. Which is why I don't discard the possibility of Sanji having CoC due to some past situation that would make it wrong. I don't consider the possibility merely because I don't actually like it very much. LMAO.
Now, all of this is kinda pointless because One Piece is Oda's story. It will depend entirely on what he thinks it should be. So....yeah...there's that.
Green Bull had the "i dont eat" and "only a lady could feed me" thing, which would suggest him as Sanji's opponent.
But the "lady" part kinda puts Yamato as an option as well. Just saying.
With Yamato likely joining too, I'm truly starting to fall back into the Zodiac Admiral theory.
I'm still not exactly where where she falls relative to Jinbe (I assume stronger), but I think it would be really interesting if Oda goes there.

Basically we know 7 of 12 "Zodiac" names used by Admirals and those who failed to become admirals during the world conscription:

Admirals (past and present)
- Akainu (Red Dog)
- Aokiji (Blue Pheasant)
- Kizaru (Yellow Monkey)
- Fujitora (Purple Tiger)
- Ryokugyuu (Green Bull)

Vice Admirals

- Chaton (Brown Pig)
- Momousagi (Pink Rabbit)

Which leads me to believe there are 5 additional Vice Admirals with Admiral codenames. What is missing is Goat, Snake, Rat, Dragon and Horse) . While I don't expect the matchups to be "perfect", I can very much see a Strawhat crew of 11 or 12 taking these people on during the beginnings of the final war.

Either Yamato or Jinbe fight Kizaru (Kizaru IS indirectly responsible for Arlong being in East Blue, but Yamato seems stronger) and the other fights a VA, or someone soon actually takes over Kuzan's old codename (Aokiji) and becomes a 4th Admiral under Akainu. This would also potentially assume Yamato isn't actually the last crewmate (there could be one more to make 12 v 12)

Kind of excited to see where that goes
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