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Spirit of Vengeance
Ulti gets up from yonko top attack only to get back only to get beat again

yamato and Laido spam from last chapter

a baby continues to humiliate the so called strongest pirate alliance

at this point calling oda trash feels like a compliment
He got tired of his garbage manga and got too old it seems that he doesn’t know what he is doing…all he knows is to to random shit to spice his stinking fourmla and keep stretching with everything he could for the dollars.
You were right @Weeman
Literally there are no Sanji and Zoro fans arguing about Yamato
I think at the start of the thread, MonsterZoro made one of those jokes about Sanji and Zoro getting kicked out of the monster trio and duo, and now it was Yamato and Luffy against Kaido.

So i said Zoro, Luffy and Yamato fought against Kaido, but Sanji didn't, so that would only kick Sanji out of the monster trio. And all a joke, because it's MonsterZoro after all.

And that was it :suresure:


Otama is still a kid but she wants to be a Kunoichi and she proved herself already using her power she joined the war and played a big role. so her joining the strawhats is not really a big thing any more. and since Momo obviously an ancient weapon he will be saver on Luffy's ship than in Wano. Luffy will have to protect him.
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