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Every zoro fan claim that ZKK will happen. But any of them cannot say how ?

Rule 1: Luffy always make his fight 1 vs 1 . That means Kaido will get defeated Luffy. End of the war, high probably .

So , How zoro kill after that point.

There are two option.

1- When Luffy defeat Kaido , Kaido will be unconscious and Zoro kill him.
2- Kaido want death from Zoro.

Where is the epic thing ? ZKK can happen but absolutely this cannot be epical.
But of course, Even if Zoro cut small rock , Zoro fans claim that the cannot be small rock , you know wrong . this rock is the hardest to cut. .d.d.d
Zoro the janitor clean up the mess lmao
Usopp incorporated dials into his weapon and as far as I can remember didn't use them independently since then.
ussop complained about not having a weapon for close combat when page one was following them.
the impact wolf explodes without physical contact with the target.

i'm interested in the damage absorption more than the attack power though.
I don't even know she was until today but I am a big fan of KD seeing how he is my favourite NBA player currently. I wish her and the baby all the best :endthis:
Im not following basketball so whats it you like about him? Is it his offensive or dribbling? His three-pointers? Or his guard? Is he more technical or power-oriented or...
Honestly kidd is just underwhelming

Firstly his haki isn't even remotely close to luffys and zoros with what we have seen from him so far.

His physical prowess without his devil fruit is lacking.

On top of that his devil fruit is one of the few (if not the only devil) that's actually co-dependant on his environment and the availability of a particular substance (metal) to even be note worthy. Which means he always have fluctuating AP
Sadly Sanji has raidsuit. He won't even get extreme death battles anymore because he has a magical power up that saves him from getting significant damage.
Raid suit almost ruined Sanji. I don't hate him like you do but raid suit just made him so much worse as a character.


Good to hear that... I guess:wonderland::zorothink:
First of all sanji has never had an extreme diff fight and it aint starting now and ppl love hating on the raid suit like zoro dosen't get superpowered ass swords every other arc
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