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The reason for Kaido's coming to Wano, which was evident from the start that he didn't come to Wano without some purpose, is the only thing even remotely interesting in these spoilers.
Fighting Kaido in teams doesn't put you above someone if Yamato is fighting him solo. So by your 'Rooftop level' logic, Yamato is stronger than Zoro and he is indeed out if he able to harm Kaido while Sanji already shown feats in 1 vs 2 knocking back 2 YCs like Macro is doing :kayneshrug:.

Though in true reality, M3 will stay as it is as Oda loves Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji dynamic.
Look like you right. Yamato seems really stronger than Zoro.
Sure Ulti being wasting on Nami who so conveniently got Zeus, Tama being a plot device again and another pointless and too long fight against Kaido with Yamato magically being able of injuring or clashing with her father in his hybrid form similar to the Scabbards, Supernovas or base Luffy alone.

How cool and well-written !
Dont know what ODA is smoking these days.
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