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Kaido used hybrid and said he's not holding back against Yamato.
Then they clashed.

It's clear that Oda portrayed Yamato as a serious threat against Kaido meanwhile Jack was viewed being too weak against two opponents by Kaido who utterly humiliated 9 of these guys.

Yamato > King > Queen > Jack.
Too early to say that before we see how she does against him


King of the Witch Kingdom
King would be lucky if he has Ryuo and basic CoC.
King who has always been portrayed alongside Queen, and has barely gotten any focus throughout this arc is going to have advanced CoC?

I can maybe see him having basic CoC and even then I'm still not too sure if he actually has it or not, King wankers want to think that King is special but the way Oda has focused on him so far proves that he isn't a special character.
So let me get this straight, Yamato can coat her attacks with CoC but doesn't have adv CoA? So what was the point of having Luffy learn adv CoA for 2 weeks when it took him 2 seconds to figure out how to coat his attacks with CoC, and then Kaido said this was the ability of only the strongest? Really? This doesn't make any sense. Or were Yamato too dumb to figure out how to take out her handcuffs?

Now I believe Kidd's wankers when they say Kidd can coat his attacks with CoC, he is going to learn that shit for plot reason in 5 minutes.
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