Who has the best Hybrid Form so far?

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hopefully we have some back and forth action from sanji and queen not just sanji landing a kick and he transform right away. sanji fights always the best but recently oda makes him land one shot then turns away to different scene....
For the full Zoan Form? a back and forth? Nah its probably gonna be Queen just getting lit up tbh, something like this but on a dinosaur

What are the odds that Lucci in Ennies Lobby is stronger than WW now? I wouldn't put it past Oda. The Lucci dialogue seems to imply that's the case.

VCs essentially confirmed that Lucci was a Haki user back then.
High-chance, pretty much every major villian Luffy defeat in Paradise pre-TS was far stronger than the stupid Pirate King Luffy and only lost because the plot demend it.
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