Who has the best Hybrid Form so far?

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I'll be extremely surprised if Nami doesn't fight Devon given her "hobby" tbh. Both Nami and Devon are known for deception too and Nami tends to fight female opponents mostly at least.

I wanted Sanji to fight Devon with her tendency to murder beautiful women and collect their heads but imagine if Devon just so happens to have the head of Nami's biological mother, how brutal and tragic would that be? Sanji should send Devon straight to hell and incinerate her for what she's done but he can't fight women, even ones who literally mass murder other women, sigh.


Vasco Shot is a weird one but I think he is a fishman and if he does involve alcohol in his fights, he might make an interesting opponent for Jinbei? Assuming Yamato does join, there is the question who she will fight too. I think Chopper will fight SJW (lmao I mean San Juan Wolf ofc) but Jinbei is brilliant against larger, slower, heavier opponents so, he might be ideal vs SJW.

There is still the 10th titanic captain to be revealed who may just be Kuzan, we've not had a matchup for Robin yet here, but surely she won't fight Kuzan despite their connections? Only person who can take on Kuzan is Luffy really if they have to fight him or Zoro as well?

Oh wait there's Brook too, Brook gonna fight his "son/grandson" Kuzan?

I mean Brooke can take down a Flying 6 in a 2v1, so he’s basically already admiral level.
Base Sanji forced Queen in to Hybrid meanwhile Marco has yet to make King use hybrid. I think it’s safe to say that after Wano Sanji will be above him lol
Let’s extend this logic shall we?

Base Sanji forced Queen in to Hybrid meanwhile Big Mom has yet to make Queen use hybrid. I think it’s safe to say that after Wano Sanji will be above her lol
WsW is fighting Land Jinbe who himself said is nothing compared to Sea Jinbe
Also when CP-9 Lucci Lost, Kuma told Moriah (Two Shichibukai talking) that no one would have thought that Lucci could Lose !!!
So imagine CP-0 Lucci who is Chief Commander

Who's Who isn't gonna Jump from Jabra Level to Stronger than CP-0 Lucci by being in Prison
It's a Huge Leap & doesn't make sense at all

You think a Chief Commander of WG's Greatest Cipher-Pol is just as Strong as Kaido's Top Headliners?
Is that how Weak you think CP-0 are?
i was arguing with this guy that WW's is stronger than lucci but power scaling isn't my strong suit....so any counter arguments to this ?
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