Who has the best Hybrid Form so far?

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let's just take a moment ...

so assuming he stole a DF from WG
Shanks got that DF from an empty ship
and that DF is so important WG overreacted to it?

sigh .... one of the most interesting thing about Luffy is that he had a relatively weak DF ...
I hope Oda don't change it
The fruit could have some special property, like the ability to transfer memories or some shit from the previous user to the next. And maybe some of the past users are dangerous people like Joy Boy. I don't think Roger had it though. From what we have seen he was a simple hakiman.
Post Time Skip Lucci = Who'Who ?
Not likely, Lucci was said to be the strongest member in CP-9 history. Even though WhosWho ate the Sabertooth devil fruit, they both have Carnivorous Zoans. WhosWho could be slightly more durable, but Lucci is definitely more powerful, he probably learned Haki in the timeskip and joined the ranks of CP-0.

Wherever you place WhosWho.. Lucci > WhosWho
I still dont know why Zoro fans compare Sanji vs Zoro in this chapter even Zoro isnot present in this chapter :))).
Every single chapter that mentions Sanji, we can see Zoro fanboiz in there :))).
why Zoro fanboiz not mention about WW or Queen's Hybrid ????:okay::choppawhat:
They dont fear Sanji and Queen matchup.
They are worry cuz queen and sanji matchup will have ended earlier than others that means sanji will make extra thing in the arc.
Main issue is that.d
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Kidd and Law's final opponent is Big Mom, Killer's final opponent is probably Hawkins. Do you understand?

Kidd and Law are being set up to beat/deal major damage to Big Mom.
How ?
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