Who has the best Hybrid Form so far?

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True but it's not like either of them is natural born freak or something. It's reasonable to assume in their base versions of cp-9 is equal but I would still lean on WW side since he is the bigger human. Stacking the devil fruits on top gives should give him the edge. Lucci though could be the better fighter in terms of the martial arts
Size hasn’t been a good way to judge strength in one piece either. You have characters like Luffy that can bully giants. And just considering Lucci, Kaku, and Jabra’s doriki (which doesn’t factor DF) we can rule out base CP9 agents being equal.

I think it’s less story immersion breaking to just say CP9 Lucci > CP9 WW. We don’t even know if WW had a fruit during his time at CP9. But either way, since they said that about Lucci being the greatest weapon in CP9 history I’m going to give it to him.

But it is at least possible WW is stronger now. If he is stronger now I’m stil going to go with CP9 Lucci just so that the story doesn’t break.
Base WW >> Pre skip base lucci.....there is a big difference between pre skip and post skip.......pre skip luffy couldn't bring a pacifista down and WW was handling jimbei in his base.........
Lol yeah current WW obliterates Pre TS Lucci. That’s why I’ll only speculate on what WW during his CP9 days would be like and what current Lucci is like compared to current WW. Not a fair comparison and doesn’t tell us anything otherwise.
I doubt that statement about Lucci being the strongest in history applies to him.
Why's that?

Common sense dictates Who's who the CP 9 version > Lucci Cp 9 version simply based of their fruits.
So you're just ignoring the strongest CP-9 member in history and only acknowledge the superiority of the devil fruit?

A leopard is a kitten in the face of a sabre tooth tiger and it's not even close.
No doubt with that Tiger are bigger and stronger, not sure if they are faster though. If we were comparing a Mammoth with and Elephant, i would make an objection..
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Base WW >> Pre skip base lucci.....there is a big difference between pre skip and post skip.......pre skip luffy couldn't bring a pacifista down and WW was handling jimbei in his base.........
What kind of logic is this? Enel, Crocodile >>>> Who's Who.

WsW no diffs Enies Lobby Lucci, but loses to current Lucci.
Nope. Lucci was a Haki user and stated to be the strongest CP9 member ever preTS.
Obviously Who's Who is miles ahead pre-TS Lucci, he is keeping up with Jinbei, who was stronger than the whole crew on the pre-TS.

He being a Rokushiki Master just adds even more to his strength and overall capabilities, his portrayal puts him on X-Drake's level or maybe even higher. Is there a Tobiroppo who uses Rokushiki techniques? Nope, only WsW
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You can't powerscale people Luffy defeated just by the fact that Luffy defeated them, especially preTS. Luffy was punching up constantly.
While doriki isn’t perfect. We definitely should be able to get a ballpark estimate on Lucci from his comparison to other CP9 members.

The doriki gap is actually smaller between him and Kaku/Jabra than the gaps between them and Kumadori & Fukurou. Factor in that was Kaku without his swords and that should account for any superior skills Lucci has as a fighter/potentially superior DF.

Zoro beat Kaku.

Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji had to work together and use all of their strongest attacks to beat a Pacifista. We saw what Asura & DJ did to Kaku & Jabra. Luffy certainly didn’t seem to be punching up against that Pacifista but if he was then Lucci is really doomed.

If Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji all fought Lucci they would have won much easier based on scaling Lucci to Kaku, since we can scale Chopper & Franky’s opponents to Zoro & Sanji’s opponents.

Even if we concede that Luffy was punching up and that we can’t scale off Luffy (which I don’t think is true) that should show us where Lucci stands Pre TS.

If you argue that Zoro and Sanji were also punching up then I don’t know how we are supposed to power scale anybody if we can’t use any SHs as measuring sticks. Because then there is nothing to stop us from arguing plot in every fight and say everyone who wins is punching up.
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