Who has the best Hybrid Form so far?

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People who said Zoro can one shot/low diff first commanders are about to take some massive L’s.

I’ve been saying Zoro is either in the upper tier of Yc1’s or a little above. I can give myself a W now
I don't know why they were so sure of this. Ancient Zoans don't go down that easily period, especially when it's a a top 3 subordinate of the World's Strongest Creature

Not even Luffy can oneshot a YC and he's beating a whole Yonko this arc :luuh:

YC1 lvl is the safest bet for now
Is that a bad thing? After the underwhelming finale Oda gave Ulti and Page One, i'd rather have the rest of the tobi roppo and calamities actually fleshed out more.
And judging by the info so far, the chapter also actually shows the fights too.
Just wish it'd been done earlier. It breaks the flow of the fights to have flashbacks before defeats for every single person.
The only thing Marco can do at this point to justify his inclusion in this arc is helping out in a fight against one of the Yonko.

Imagine how cringe it would be if Marco’s ultimate role in the series was to randomly stall two commanders before Zoro and Sanji showed up.
Marco is about to lose to King and Zoro will need to save him and take over.
- zoro faints from nerfed killer

- dead broken bones zoro blitzed Laido and gave him permanent scar

- zoro vs king spam

power levels in one piece is GARBAGE . It depends on the plot + fan service

I don’t want to see one piss fan boys try and shit one DBZ power levels.
Am I hallucinating or is that someone who dropped One Piece but knows what happens in the next chapter and someone who quit the forum but is still posting :choppawhat:
In Alabasta, Crocodile impaled Luffy clean through his chest. Luffy passed out due to the wound later in the arc. He came back after that and was like "I'm OK now, I ate some meat."
Point still stands and while you may have a point w the luffy alabasta example it took multiple chapters before he returned. That’s not gonna be the case here cuz zoro gon be back a lot more sooner than later. Regardless this approach is terrible!
I understood that after that, one should not expect story consistency or strong writings from Oda.
Oda understands that there is a group of One Piece manga that is notable, has a low intelligence level, and only wants to hype people they are fanboys for. Oda must have realized that he can't write a good story after this, and he will now complete this universe with only fan services.

Get well soon to veteran OP readers...

Lion of Olympus

The Prince of Power
This is fiction mate. When characters can heal from life threatening injuries by eating some meat, or sleeping it off for a couple days, all bets are off.

It's fucking absurd to call healing by actual medicine "bad writing."
My problem isn’t that Zoro’s getting healed by medicine, my problem is that it’s a literally asspull. No one mentioned anything about this in Zou, no foreshadowing or anything.
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