Who has the best Hybrid Form so far?

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Yea. Lucci was literally said to be the strongest Cp9 agent in history. And I doubt that prison or the 2 years under Kaido made him significantly stronger - but it did make him stronger so I guess WW is about pre ts Lucci level rn, maybe an edge below.
Current WW would murder pre TS Lucci, Pre TS Lucci was about equal to pre TS Luffy who basically a fodder level in the new world. As one pacifista is enough to giving extrem diff fight to pre TS strawhat. After timeskip base Luffy able to one shotted pacifista, there's no way base Luffy able to do that to WW who able to fight jinbe equally


You can't win
I know this already. It's why I added this
The only other moment where he could have could be during the impel down event when Luffy came for Ace, with Blackbeard's trial to look for lvl6 prisoners with it pointed out that many dangerous criminals escaped

Guess it could also explain when Who's Who saw Jinbei. Both were in Impel down at that moment, but that mean they never directly fought each other
I know lvl6 prisoners escaped at that moment coincidating with Who's Who's escape

I was just questioning this due to timeline reasons, saying that it could be the only moment where he could have met Jinbei since both were in Impel down at that point
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