Who has the best Hybrid Form so far?

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Ah yes, One Piece doesn't contradict anything at all.

Our boy Luffy that all he talks about is Freedom, doing whatever he wants to do, has been destined to do exactly everything he is doing so far.

No contradictions here.
I am sorry but Luffy choses the journey not the other way around....he made the choices to do what he wants to do...he made the choice to go to enies lobby, marineford, alabasta, wci, wano....he had other easy choices and paths to take...destiny just guides him based on his will, not the other way around....for example, he took the path of rescuing robin from enies lobby even when it is impossible and robin was "destined" to die if Luffy didn't make that choice....then "destiny" helped Luffy in the form of sea train/gallela workers etc.


Lazy is the way
Waited 2 weeks for a Who's Who fb. Smh.

Also, not only is Luffy now more than ever established as another "child of destiny", his regular paracimia df will also follow suit and transform into "the mother of all dfs".


All this shit just to get overshadowed by Zoro.

Just wait for « normal » child Zoro to become the heir of the shimotsuki family.....

I can’t stand those legacy/heir/lineage/prophecy shits
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