Who has the best Hybrid Form so far?

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Enies Lobby Luffy extreme diffed Lucci. The entire Straw Hat crew was struggled to beat one Pacifista.
East Blue Luffy beat Crocodile. Alabasta Luffy beat Enel. Can you stop with this dumb shit? Stop underrating opponents that Luffy beats.

Pacifista wasn't even on MF Luffy's level. Luffy would have won regardless in a 1 v. 1. He just would have been pushed harder than the team.
Cut to the 4th Floor. One of the cat girls from Who's Who group shoots Jinbe while Who's Who laughs at him out loud. Due to constant interruptions from Who's Who's subordinates, Jinbe is unable to hold a 1 Vs. 1 fight against Who's Who. The same thing happens to Franky with Sasaki and to Inuarashi with Jack, they cannot fight in conditions because other Kaidou's subordinates attack them constantly.
And @playa4321 wanted to make a case against Jinbe's power level. Land Jinbe will beat Hybrid Who's Who with his crew's interference.
It's because you don't understand shit.
If you really think that Zoro is going to fight Jesus Hamburger then why don't you start pushing that agenda? And you'll see how retard you'll sound after three or four years. Just like how retarded Kronos sounded after pushing King vs Sanji for so many years loool.

You guys don't understand shit about OP and we keep correcting you and prove you wrong every fucking time.
I'm tired of getting right.

I've been getting those W since the Orojackson forums because I understand the character I love and follow for 20+ years, which is Zoro. While you dumbasses don't understand Sanji's character at all.

Zoro always fights the second strongest. Get it or not? Shiryu is the second strongest and he will be BB's right-hand man very soon.
Jesus will be eliminated by Oda. Sanji will fight Pizaro

Sanji will fight Pizaro you dumbass. PIZAROOO
A corrupt King from North Blue vs the prince of Germa from North blue.

He's not going to fight the only swordsman of BB.

Why is this forum full of retards?
He fighting Queen who is holding a sword in his arm. Saying he will not fight someone who has a weapon is dumbest comment I ever seen as he doesn't care about that. He fight anyone and You guys said Zoro fights the one who are right-hand man to the antagonist and Burgess is the one. You can't decide it go another direction after your talking it with King and Queen. Zoro vs Burgess can happen as much as Sanji vs Shiryu. Your only one having trouble understanding it especially you do know every character in this arc have weapons so it doesn't make sense what your saying. Your being idiot kid the more you talk.
No he obviously got his hand cut off. I am saying he technology savy. He also made the marries. Oda just didn't reveal what he could do. He dies that all the time.
I never disagreed with Queen being tech savvy. Oda probably always had the plague bullets planned.

But if you reread Udon or Queen’s info page in One Piece magazine, he’s very clearly presented as a physical fighter first and foremost. The full on cyborg stuff feels like it was added later.
I never said anything like that. I defend Sanji and say he was going to fight commander and say he over Jinbei, but his clown ass will definitely accept himself like he told Momo. Judges Son is coming soon. Queen going beat his ass to that point. Lmfao
I mean it's one thing to accept that he was born in that family, and another to think there will be any development where Sanji starts to see Judge as a father figure. We got the opposite of that in WCI, and Sanji's father figure will always be Zeff :milaugh:


You can't win
So Who's Who had his crew clear out, huh?
But make sure you take it around to the "Sanji looks more impressive than Jinbe" people so they know how much lube they'll need next week.
Indeed he did, which is surprising, but tbf I was only giving Manga facts.

When looking at this statement, it looked like the interpretation was that he'd handle him by himself, but guess it wasn't the case.

Regardless though, it's probably a bit early to powerscale since Inuarashi was in the same situation as Jinbei against Jack and we know he is ever so slightly inferior to zoan Jack overall

Now that the subordinates have been cleared, it's when it'd be good to properly rate them, and so far in the 1 on 1 between Jinbei and Who's Who, it ended up in an equal clash(both dodged/blocked each other's respective named attacks)
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