Who has the best Hybrid Form so far?

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Indeed he did, which is surprising, but tbf I was only giving Manga facts.

When looking at this statement, it looked like the interpretation was that he'd handle him by himself, but guess it wasn't the case.

Regardless though, it's probably a bit early to powerscale since Inuarashi was in the same situation as Jinbei against Jack and we know he is ever so slightly inferior to zoan Jack overall

Now that the subordinates have been cleared, it's when it'd be good to properly rate them, and so far in the 1 on 1 between Jinbei and Who's Who, it ended up in an equal clash(both dodged/blocked each other's respective named attacks)
Also the same was happening with Franky, he wasn't getting a 1 vs 1 with Sasaki all this time.
Yeah, i don't really think Queen is on par with King so it makes sense if you can't see WhosWho on Queen's level.. WhosWho wants to challenge King not Jack, if anything WhosWho is stronger but Jack is probably close in my view..

It's not being part of of the world Government, its being compared to Rob Lucci with a superior fruit.
Jinbei in the whole story has better feats than Sanji with Akainu, his fight against Ace, its undeniable.

Jinbei's been tryng to 1v1 WhosWho while his subordinates are also attacking, thus he can't focus solely on WhosWho..

Jinbei deserve his hype up til Sanji be more impressive than him.
So? Being compare with Vegapunk is higher dynamic then someone from pre-timeskip. Not same thing nor make Who's Who's on the level. Your overhyping his power when reality he is T6H lvl, not Calamity level. Sanji is stronger one with who he is facing.
He fighting Queen who is holding a sword in his arm. Saying he will not fight someone who has a weapon is dumbest comment I ever seen as he doesn't care about that. He fight anyone and You guys said Zoro fights the one who are right-hand man to the antagonist and Burgess is the one. You can't decide it go another direction after your talking it with King and Queen. Zoro vs Burgess can happen as much as Sanji vs Shiryu. Your only one having trouble understanding it especially you do know every character in this arc have weapons so it doesn't make sense what your saying. Your being idiot kid the more you talk.
Zoro vs Burgess?

I am hardcore sanji fan

But this much trash talking

Zoro vs shriyu
Sanji vs avalo
Pre Time Skip Lucci would get no diffed by Jinbe.
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It's a massive fail in logic to assume anyone who teams up is automatically weaker. Katakuri/Perospero were teaming up against Capone. Zoro/Apoo vs. Drake.

Luffy's tank was insane from what we saw in Impel Down/Marineford. There is no way 1 Pacifista is taking him down in an extreme diff battle.
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