Who has the best Hybrid Form so far?

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he offscreen all of them except Luffy vs Kaido new round because we need to speed the arc up.
Lmao that’s oda for you

400 chapters of suffering masked as a “build up” when it’s actually extreme milking and filler

then climax and fights get trash execution destroys the hype tour he bulit…and CHEETAH PACING and off paneling
Pre TS Lucci>Pre TS Whos who
Post TS Lucci> Post TS Whos who
But Pre TS Lucci is not stronger or equal to Whos who.
That being said, an all out pre TS Luffy could solo a pacifista considering a single giganto rifle did well over 50% of the damage to take it down, and so Rob Lucci could probably manage the same with some all out rokuougans, so people need to stop the pacifista nonsense.
Page One said it’s easier to fight fast opponents in hybrid.

Sanji hasn’t hurt or “forced” Queen to do anything. Read u fool
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I said Jimbei not Franky

Don't lie. Sanji has been hurting him without RS. That is a fact. You don't move something this big this easily and use it to hit another YC who is still defeated for certain chapters here. This one had blood in it after Queen got up. Though remember these are Ancient Zoans, they are tanks, so it won't be easy, but it is big feats on Sanji he is damaging them like this.
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