Who has the best Hybrid Form so far?

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If you're calling out your attack name it is. Y definition, not a sneak attack
Huh? Queen was aiming for Tama. He's focused on her and not Sanji. How is calling out an attack name gonna make it not a sneak attack?

So gag as feats which means Nami > Zoro is true since she been waiting for her money and been kicking his ass for awhile.

Like you guys saying sneak attacks when Zoro been sneak attacks on many of his enemies this arc, but you use feats on those. You guys really are insecure on your pettiness.
First, it's only a gag feat cause you want it to be, candy boy. Fact is monster Chopper slap > named attack from DJ.

Second, the "many" attacks you've mentioned aren't there retard. The only one you could count as a "sneak attack" for Zoro would be against Apoo, which he had noticed anyway, but couldn't dodge it in time.

Also regardless of whether you want to stretch it as a sneak attack or not, one is counted as a feat since Zoro actually damaged and ohko his opponent, while the other counts as an anti feat since Sanjno couldn't tickle him with 2 attacks. No damage.

Cry more candi.
Zolo, don't be mad cause Nami is better than Zolo especially she beat his ass when waiting for her money from him. Don't use 'Ws and Ls' with 'Moe Fetish' as you not helping your case, bruh.

Zoro and Sanji is serious rivalry as they do compete, not one-time of gag with enemy and then stating you can't harm him :kayneshrug:.
If Zoro and Sanji are truly rivals, then why do you keep downplaying Zoro feats? Because you are indirectly downplaying Sanji as anything Zoro could do, Sanji would be able to too.

Unless you are downplaying those feats because you know they are too impressive to be rivals anymore.
We differ heavily what a „good“ thread is. Critics were always welcome, like @DynaMight , but I don’t tolerate someone just being here to laugh at people and claim how stupid they are.

so I Tell this one last time:
Go for good or get gone. Look for another page where this behavior is welcome.
I like to see fans disappointed because they thought oda will change his extremely predictable story and spam fourmlas.

if you still want to ban me go ahead then. perhaps I might focus more on my career lmao
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