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Chapter is heavily focused on Jimbei and Who's who and yet people bitch about Tama hust for the sake of it. You'll here bitch about reddit but people here are the same. They constantly suck Oda dick for everything and here people constantly whine about everything.
So story time great but for a title of "Jinbe vs WsW" the spoilers is underwhelming. I would be pleasantly surprised if we got other real attacks aside from Jinbe's (which i hope is NOT a career-ending move for WsW) at the end of the chapter.
Unless this just isn't Jinbe's fight, which there are some cases to argue for.

Oda generally deals with villains via powerscale. WsW being dealt with first either means he's weak as shit (doubt) or this is only a preliminary portion of Jinbe's main fight. Think about the rooftop battle. It happened and people were concerned that this was the final fight happening before anyone else. Here we are 20 chapters later.
Well maybe.
But I don't know... Jinbe has been fighting this guy for like 20 chapters it would be like really dumb for it not be his fight. There is just way too much build up now.
I think Who’s Who needs to start taking meds or some logic classes because nothing he’s saying makes an iota of goddamn sense. I feel as if I get progressively stupider reading this drivel that Oda’s come with as ‘character motivation’.

So like, I know it’s totally Shanks’s fault but uh, you wear his fashion accessory (how tf do you know it’s Shanks’s hat anyway????) so… Luffy it’s your fault too!1!1

Who’s Who is officially a fucking retard.
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