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Oda focusing on Jinbe vs Who's Who before Franky and Robins Fights? Very interesting... wonder if this means Robin and Franky will potentially Lose or something special is going to happen to them. Since Oda usually takes out the strongest opponents last.Found it weird that Sanjis fight was getting shown as early as it did compared to the other matchups.
How do y'all feel knowing that Wano will take at least 1 more year to finish??
Tbh, I dont care. I waited a year just to get to the fights. I want Oda to spend a lot of time on the actual fighting.

Jinbe using a new move and not skipping his fight is honestly what I really wanted. He's gotta do the same for literally all other fights and clearly this fight isn't over, but at least he's drawing it.

I've said this for years at this point. Expect to be in Wano for the long haul.
Unless this just isn't Jinbe's fight, which there are some cases to argue for.

Oda generally deals with villains via powerscale. WsW being dealt with first either means he's weak as shit (doubt) or this is only a preliminary portion of Jinbe's main fight. Think about the rooftop battle. It happened and people were concerned that this was the final fight happening before anyone else. Here we are 20 chapters later.
Nah this is Jinbes fight (seems like most of the chapter is focused on the fight), its more so that Oda is wrapping up all the fights that were established early on for the Strawhats.

Nami vs Ulti- Done

Usopp vs Page One- Done

Jinbe vs Whos Who- mostly likely done

Next chapters we will probably finish up Franky & Robins & Brooks fight so that the main stage fights (Luffy, Yamato, Sanji, Zoros) can get settup and be the main focus.
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