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So the chapter is Jinbe vs WW and its just them talking and one attack is thrown? Getting flashbacks to the chapter 'Sabo vs Fujitora' where all they did was talk and clash once. I missed preskip where it told the truth
I think that at least half of the chapter is about them attacking each other while talking
According Kabuki there are 5 Acts. The 4th are the fights, i think Every one will be satisfied when act 5 ends. We get now some informations, and little fights. At least its a war imi oda draws it Good. Nothing is for sure right now, as it would in a real war. EG. The changes of fight and interupting of all battles. But as onigashima land on wano, the 4th act will start with the real battles. Act 5 will give us informations and everybody will be happy. A half maked puzzle dont look good, But after its finished i am sure we will have an amazing arc! Trust oda.
Nah this is Jinbes fight (seems like most of the chapter is focused on the fight), its more so that Oda is wrapping up all the fights that were established early on for the Strawhats.

Nami vs Ulti- Done

Usopp vs Page One- Done

Jinbe vs Whos Who- mostly likely done

Next chapters we will probably finish up Franky & Robins & Brooks fight so that the main stage fights (Luffy, Yamato, Sanji, Zoros) can get settup and be the main focus.
Doubt tbh. Usopp never actually gained any powerups. Nothing here indicates WsW is defeated. Oda also isn't going to finish Jinbe's fight first, UNLESS his fight is actually with Jack. It's not his style.
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