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Path of Ashura
jinbe vs who's who will get real personal if sun god is fisher tiger. there were also theories that sasaki is kokoro's son and chimney's father and it brings in more depth to franky's fight as well. its also interesting how both sasaki never got to see franky's face till now (franky being inside shogun franky). would love for oda to give more depth to the flying six vs strawhat fights.
From redon:

- We hear King talking about Doflamingo
- "In such times like these, we need the Joker. Why have you left us at such disadvantage?"
Wait a minute, disadvantage?

These fucking idiots had and still have the advantage in numbers over the alliance, they have two fucking Yonko on their side, and they are still asking for help? Oh for god's sake. FUCK YOU ODA, FUCK YOU...
Oda focusing on Jinbe vs Who's Who before Franky and Robins Fights? Very interesting... wonder if this means Robin and Franky will potentially Lose or something special is going to happen to them. Since Oda usually takes out the strongest opponents last.Found it weird that Sanjis fight was getting shown as early as it did compared to the other matchups.
One of the reasons OP is still popular even being trash is ppl imagining whats not going to happen and getting excited every freaking time, those guys aint losing just like they never did before
This aint hxh battle logic
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