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I am gonna call such BS if Who's Who turns out to be some slave lover

This dude is legit under Kaido and Kaido has thousands of slaves doing force labor and not once did we see Who's Who reference that ever
The way the shs will win and kaido will lose no i dont really think i want that, ppl want world development and battle royale
I mean I will update my opinin.

I wanted some Tobi Roppo action.

Before the roof.......

now its a waste of space and time and we still have to see Maria, Ulti/P1 and Sasuke's backstories LMAOOOOO.
So confused about WsW backstory
Did he get imprisioned at Impel Down or other prision
Did he escape with other prisioners at level 6 when BB broke in or he just escaped by himself
When did Jinbei and WsW met, the only 2 point that they can ever meet is 12 years ago before his imprisionment, and Jinbei's imprisionment 2 years before
Break by Oda-sensei
Break by Magazine
Break by Magazine

Expect Break by Oda-sensei after 1022 or 1023.
End of Wano in 2024 boys and girls, that's it, i'm done with freaking one piece. Remember when Oda said it was the year of shanks ? :suresure::suresure::suresure:
The plot is moving at the slowest pace we've ever seen, it's even worse than dressrosa at this point, all this because of useless red scabbard and otama. Honestltly i would have rather seen luffy one shot kaido at least it would have been fast... :pepecry:
I personally think it may indicate Jinbe vs WsW is not his final fight. Either he passes of the fight to Brook (breaks the floor below him to end up near Brook) so he can fight Jack, or he personally defeats WsW early to do the same thing.

Either this or it's just a chapter of fighting as his main fight and Oda decides to change focus before anything major happens anyway
The Follow up of Vs Chapters is always Defeat in One Piece...

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