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You better hope it's a red herring, because if it isn't, it's gonna go down in history worse than Naruto.

Where one of the biggest themes of the series was Freedom, the main philosophy of the MC, gets completely fucked by pre-determined destiny.

Let's all hope the Luffy chosen one (pile of things already) are just misleading.
luffy himself has to be upset about this shit, even. if luffy hears he's some destiny figure or that something is set in stone he always gets pissed. if he doesnt get mad and try to stop it im going to be disappointed
It is say that “Nika” is a legendary warrior who can make people smile and release them from their pain, and that one day he would come to liberate all slaves in the world.

Jinbe: "If you want to talk about someone else's history...
then you better not come with half-ass resolution!!

I'm starting to think Nika might be Luffy himself.
Im hoping Nika is our first introduction to a member of joyboys crew and that Nika wasn’t Joyboy himself
Dodged 1 attack in 1v3 and stopped Luffy equal to dodged 1 slash attack ? Come with a better one.That's not a good enough answer.
They’re just trolling they know Katakuri is too much for Jinbe. Who’s who was a strong veteran level fighter and beating him I’d say Jinbe is a solid lower level Commander, but Katakuri is one of the strongest commanders we’ve ever met
I think it's pretty obvious Nika is the true name of Joy Boy. He brought joy to the enslaved and therefore his moniker became Joy Boy. The hidden part of Luffy's declaration that Ace told Yamato not to laugh at and the same thing Roger said to Whitebeard & Oden would be proof of it, which is why it has been omitted.

That's why there'll be a new joyboy who inheritted Nika's will, hell they could even be Nika's descendent.
Holy fucking shit...
Doflamingo thought Diamante could beat Luffy and Burgess. Diamante. DIAMANTE. What he thinks and claims about beating top tiers is irrelevant.
Weirdest part is that it didn't make sense
He saw Law defeat Vergo
He views Luffy as Above Law due to CoC
He views Vergo as his right hand man
So why didn't he thinks Diamante would perform better against Luffy than Vergo did against Law?

Jesus Dressrossa was a mess
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