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Imagine this would be the end of Jinbe vs WsW
Usually Vs Chapters don't end the fights, they just typically start them. There are a few exceptions though. Normally we get a Vs chapter than 1 or 2 additional chapters of fighting, so 1019/1020 could still be this fight.

It also might not be, but I am starting to believe Jinbe will also fight someone else this arc too. Otherwise I'm not sure why Oda would start with WsW and not Sasaki or Black Maria.

To add to this, Nami and Usopp didn't even get Vs Chapters with Ulti and Page 1, which convinces me even more that they are getting back up
So the dude that looked up to a guy that freed slaves doesn't care about slaves himself?

Do you understand how ridiculously bad that sounds
How he literally in jail with noting to do. He feels like a slave at that point, your lonely in prison. Hearing about a guy who might save everybody helps you. Also he a pirate he selfish. Just like Luffy is selfish
Shanks vs Blackbeard encounter must happen.

It will be retarded if all of this is happening on Wano and Shanks and BB basically chilling.
Ehhh, it's a fan theory that they must encounter and fight each other.

Blackbeard was aiming for something that leaked from the Reverie (imo it was Pluton's location). Nothing implies Shanks has anything to do with that.
I didn't buy any Boeing 747 yet i complain about plane crashes

See how dumb that statement sounds?
You all look silly with your empty threats about stopping giving One Piece support
First like addicted junkies crybabies will never drop the series
Second they never supported the series financially anyway
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