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Surprised that someone wrote me personally after I made my statement. Was trying to delete my account from this site but apparently I was told I was acting silly and being to preemptive in my approach. And that I should wait. Added with the fact that my silly self was trying to figure how to even delete my account.

Long story short. Regardless of the story we were still lied to hint wise. I don't don't an issue with the chapter. It's just nothing in this chapter reflects on the hints. No nice robin or sanji boxing ot being koed. Which means one of two things. All of those things were left out in this chapter. Or again certain spoiler provides lied about those hints.

Can you imagine hearing some sanji news hints wise to find out it has nothing to with him? And this is coming from a zoro fan. You can tell by my posts
I am mostly disappointed that next week is a break.

I understand that once Tama turned the tide of the war that she would be hunted. That's information that I can assume. I don't need it to be shown to me. Perhaps her panel time is less than what I am currently imaging.

I am glad that Oda is continuing to focus on Jinbei vs Who's Who. I believe their fight will be much quicker than Nami, Usopp, and Tama vs Ulti and Page One. Where did this idea that Sanji is the Sun God appear from? Remember everything has to connect to Luffy. The Sun God is probably Luffy's maternal uncle or something.

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Tama isn't even a character; just a convenient plot device. What's worse is that the only reason she is there is because of her dango balls and Oda could have easily had Usopp bag a collection of them in preparation for the raid.
Following that would be like if in SW we follow Jar Jar instead of Luke or Han or Leila
Usually Vs Chapters don't end the fights, they just typically start them. There are a few exceptions though. Normally we get a Vs chapter than 1 or 2 additional chapters of fighting, so 1019/1020 could still be this fight.

It also might not be, but I am starting to believe Jinbe will also fight someone else this arc too. Otherwise I'm not sure why Oda would start with WsW and not Sasaki or Black Maria.

To add to this, Nami and Usopp didn't even get Vs Chapters with Ulti and Page 1, which convinces me even more that they are getting back up
Well most of us predicted Jinbe v Jack at the beginning. Maybe Brook takes over Jinbe and fights a nerfed WsW?
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