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The thing is that Oda stretches it to 10 chapters and 300 panels. When you can have 3 panels of... let's say King saying - "Get her and bring her to me" or something like that.
The thing is that there is none character with that name.

Anyway, the complain makes no sense. Tama suddenly changed the tides of the war and no one will pay attention to that? There won't be any reactions? Suddenly, their crewmates started attacking them without any reason at all, so the reaction of the Kaido pirates according to the people here should be:
and change to something/somewhere else...

That would be retarded.
Besides, nothing said on this forum makes a lick of difference; Shueisha’s checks will keep clearing as long as Oda keeps milking the cash cow, and he’ll never have to work a day for the rest of his life once he’s done. Y’all don’t need to worship the guy like he’s the alpha and omega…he’s doing his job (increasingly poorly, I might add) and making his money so he can retire to a life of luxury that literally nobody here will ever come close to experiencing. That’s not a success story, that’s manipulation :kayneshrug:
Oda is estimated to have a net worth of 200 million dollars, even if it is a 10th of that he already doesn't have to work a day in his life again.
And he'll be at least 50 when One Piece ends, and has worked more cumulative hours than the average person would by the age of 70, so why shouldn't he enjoy his retirement?
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