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The Soul King
One Piece - Chapter 1019
Title: Heliceratops

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Franky was Superrrr this chapter, him and Sasaki having a conversation about if Triceratops can fly had me laughing my ass off.

The Captain and Vice Captain are about to be back in business, shit is about to hit the fan real soon.

Sanji out here just casually dodging Queen's laser lol., can't wait until Sanji gets serious

The Yamato hybrid looks beautiful, can't wait to find out her fruit's name. Both Yamato and Luffy ate their Fruit's randomly while being hungry lol just makes sense she would be on his crew.
A very fun and action-packed chapter. Jinbe with one of his best kimonos, great to see Oda remembered his Aquaman ability to summon his whale friends in Impel Down. Zoro and Sanji sharing a picnic on their own shark is unexpectedly wholesome.

Zoro, the most hardcore man alive, who eats poison and razors without flinching then shits blood for breakfast, is afraid of a little jab. A classic joke that always gets me. With Luffy also awake and craving his usual ultra regenerative meat, it looks like these two are set to bounce back at the same time.

Who said Triceratops couldn't detach their frills and spin them around their necks to fly? Gotta love how Sasaki's hair is completely unharmed. This Flying Six started out as a serious character, but worked out to be a goofball full of gags and gimmicks matching Franky's pace. A nice hybrid return to form as Sasaki mostly keeps his human shape with a triceratops transplanted on top of his upper jaw and skull, the coat around his shoulders and the hakama below the waist would give any dino some swag. The Triceratops was big enough to bulldoze a 13 meter Shogun that towers over Big Mom and Kaido, for the hybrid to make that look small puts Sasaki in the average giant height range. The helicopter frill and whirl blade reminded me of Baby 5 and Buffalo's combo. Don't even need haki when big general Sasaki can zip around then slice or smash Shoguns with full body momentum.

Mecha Vs Kaiju turns out to be one of those silly old Tokusatsu live action fights. The flying Victory slash, the giant dino suplex, Franky's just too cool. But the way he ejected himself from the Shogun to position himself on the floor and aim an upside down beam at Sasaki's sliced up belly, damage made possible thanks to Tama's distraction, was the perfect smooth + brains finisher. Franky is in trouble if Sasaki is not down, which I could see due to no Denjiro or Kokoro/Water 7 closure. Franky's much slower on his tiny legs and is reduced to spamming the beam that Sasaki should predict now. Sanji dancing with Queen talking about swiping his cyborg parts for Franky furthers the idea that the Shogun is finished in Wano and a stronger mech with a new theme could be built next arc.

Yamato's gender depends on protecting Wano from Kaido. Welp. Might as well cut a deal and start dancing naked on the streets. We finally have confirmation that Yamato is a DF user, with Kaido saying he worked hard to obtain it (yelled at Jack many times). There is no doubt this is Wano's third Mythical Zoan, a class rarer than logia yet the entire Navy only had four logia with the Admirals + Smoker. Kaido really is blessed with fortune. As strong as Yamato looked before, nothing less than a Mythical power up could stall a monstrous-looking hybrid Kaido hellbent on killing his kid.

The Sulong Sulong no mi model: Carrot and Wanda. So hybrid Yamato has a white furry appearance with long limbs, flame fur like the Koma-animals of Wano (and probably an Ace reference), topped with a Gear 4 cloud around the neck to complete the Luffy deity look. It's a lovely hybrid but quite a mystery as it lacks stripes or rounded ears for a Byakko, extra horns or scales for Kijin, and another dog or fox would be butting into Devon's territory. Cannot wait to find out its special ability and see it go all out, but wrapping up the Tobiroppo is what I expect will come first.
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